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iPhone Repair
iPhone Repair

Intro to iPhone Repair

Introducing our iPhone repair service covering KL and Selangor. We specialize in expertly repairing Apple iPhones hence ensuring they function flawlessly. Our team of skilled technicians offers top-notch solutions for any iPhone issue.

Whether it’s a cracked screen, battery problems, or software glitches, we have you covered. With a commitment to delivering high-quality repairs, specifically, we prioritize customer satisfaction. Your iPhone deserves the best care and that’s precisely what we provide.

Trust us to bring your device back to its optimal condition and experience the difference in our exceptional service.

We’ve posted a guide on determining whether it’s worthwhile to repair your iPhone. Feel free to check it out here for valuable insights.

Pro Tip 1

If your iPhone is still relatively new, meaning it’s within one year from the purchase date, you have the option to visit an Authorized Apple Service Centre for free repairs, provided the issue or damage isn’t a result of user-induced damage.

How to Check If Your iPhone Still Has Apple Warranty

On your iPhone, open the Settings app. Tap General, then tap About. Tap Coverage. You can see your device’s coverage details, including the expiration date.

iPhone Settings -> General
About Coverage
iPhone Coverage Details

Types of iPhone Repair We Offer

We repair iPhone 4 models and all the way up to the latest iPhone models. Additionally, we offer genuine (original) Apple batteries for those in search of genuine replacements. Notably, certain iPhone model repairs qualify for an extensive 18-month warranty thus surpassing the typical industry standards.

In contrast, official service centres generally provide a mere three-month warranty for iPhone repairs and parts replacement. Many other repair establishments offer a maximum of only six months of coverage. In fact, our ability to offer such extended warranties stems from our clear understanding of our work and strong confidence in the quality of our components.

Parts or Issues:

Should your iPhone encounter any of the issues listed below, please don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance:

Battery: As time goes on, the iPhone’s battery can wear out and lose its ability to hold a charge effectively.

Buttons: The side button, volume buttons and mute switch on your iPhone can wear down and thus stop responding.

Camera: When the front or back camera on your iPhone isn’t working as it should, resulting in blurry images or focus issues.

Cannot turn on: If, for any reason, you find yourself unable to power on your iPhone, despite trying various chargers and reset methods.

Charging port: If your iPhone fails to charge when connected, it may indicate that the charging port has sustained damage.

Microphone: If the people you’re speaking to on a phone call are struggling to hear you.

Overheat: If you frequently experience your iPhone becoming excessively hot it’s time to have it checked for potential issues.

Restart: If your iPhone suddenly restarts without warning, you can attempt to reset the device or verify the availability of any iOS updates. However, if the problem continues to persist, contact us to address the issue promptly.

Screen: The iPhone’s display is a sensitive and easily damaged component. For example, if you see a cracked screen, experience unresponsiveness or notice strange colours.

SIM tray: It could damaged or missing.

Speakers: If you encounter problems with sound, for example: distorted or muffled audio.

Vibration motor: If the iPhone stops vibrating or the vibration becomes weak.

Sending Your iPhone to us

🏢 Our office is next to 1 Utama (OU) Shopping Centre. We are located in the 1 Powerhouse office building, adjacent to the Avante Hotel. You have two options for your convenience. You can either visit our office lobby in 1 Powerhouse, Bandar Utama (next to 1 Utama) or come up to our office on Level 30 (HN).

📍 For drop-offs, simply follow the provided map, making sure not to miss the left ramp. Stop at the red dots marked on the map and inform us. We will come down to meet you promptly.

🚙 To reach our office, please enter the multilevel car park (visitor car park). Ensure you don’t miss the left ramp. After parking, use the visitor lift to access the lobby, which is located in 1 Powerhouse, not the Avante Hotel lobby. Register your visit to Level 30 (HN) and mention that you wish to meet Kevin.

🚆 Our office is easily accessible from MRT Line 1: Bandar Utama station. Simply take Exit A, follow the instructions and walk towards Avante Hotel & 1 Powerhouse office building. The entire walkway is covered, so you are protected from the weather.

📝 Should you require a Service Note as proof that we have received your Mac, please notify us and we will send you a PDF copy promptly.

🚛 If you find yourself busy and require urgent attention for your iPhone, please don’t hesitate to inform us. We offer a pickup and delivery service as well covering KL and Selangor area.

📹🌠 Photo and Video direction link here.

🚗⤴️ Waze to Avante Hotel lobby, 1Powerhouse lobby just after Avante Hotel lobby. Click here to use Waze to drive to AVANTE Hotel, 1 Persiaran Bandar Utama, Petaling Jaya.

Conclusion to iPhone Repair

If your iPhone comes into contact with water or any type of liquid consequently it’s crucial to have it promptly checked by experienced iPhone technicians. This immediate action is essential to prevent deterioration, further damage caused by algae and potential short-circuiting.

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As dedicated Mac users for over 15 years, we understand the frustration and helplessness that arise when your beloved Mac computer unexpectedly breaks down. But fear not! At YP Mac, we wholeheartedly focus on addressing and resolving precisely those distressing situations!

We offer hassle-free Mac repairs, as highlighted by our tagline: “Simplify Mac repairs with us.” Our commitment lies in providing convenient solutions for all your Mac-related needs.

Our skilled technicians streamline the repair process thus ensuring quick and efficient service. Trust us for a seamless experience and join our satisfied customers today.

Contact us now for any inquiries you might have or visit us at ypmac.com.my

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