Unlock Apple’s Amazing Product Box Design

Opening Apple iPhone Box
Opening Apple Box

Intro to Apple Box Design

If you have bought a new Apple product before, you probably noticed that the Apple box design is tight and challenging to open. Apple intentionally designs their product boxes this way to create a special and memorable unboxing experience for its customers. The tight fit of the packaging also keeps the product secure during shipping, preventing it from moving around. Apple’s packaging design receives praise for its meticulous attention to detail and its ability to make unboxing a momentous and exciting occasion.

Efforts Put into Designing Apple iPhone Box

Dinesh Neralla, Head of Product at the B2B E-commerce Platform at Redington, shared an interesting insight while reading Adam Lashinsky‘s book, “Inside Apple.” Lashinsky describes the Apple packaging room at their headquarters. There a packaging designer had an unusual task for months – opening boxes. The designer’s goal? To achieve the perfect amount of drag and friction when opening the box, create a captivating moment when you unveil your new phone. It’s intriguing to think about how Apple precisely measures this ideal drag and friction.

Inside Apple by Adam Lashinsky

Packaging is a fascinating aspect. On one hand, it’s simple wrapping that will eventually be thrown, serving as a barrier between the consumer and the product inside. However, it can also heighten your excitement for what’s inside. Apple pays as much attention to the design of its boxes as it does to its products. The result is not just an elegant container but a carefully designed experience. Opening an Apple box isn’t like tearing into a bag of chips; it’s more like an invitation.

The experience begins even before you touch the box. It arrives wrapped in plastic film, but unlike many products encased in plastic that require a knife to open, the Apple box has a simple plastic tab. Pulling it effortlessly removes the film. The box for the iPhone is a clean, white oblong made of sturdy cardboard. Only bears the words “iPhone” and the Apple logo in a subtle, silvery grey. On its surface, there’s an embossed, life-sized replica of the iPhone, allowing you to feel the phone’s dimensions. This feature becomes especially valuable when you don’t have a physical iPhone to gauge its size. Apple excels in understanding and addressing consumers’ unspoken needs.

One word says it all: Amazing!

Patent for the First iPhone Box

Apple iPhone Box Patent

Apple patents its iPhone box design hence safeguarding its intellectual property and deterring imitation of its distinctive and unforgettable unboxing experience. Apple has either filed or received over 200 patents related to the iPhone. One of these patents outlines a design for an iPhone package that can easily convert into a practical charging dock. Nevertheless, Apple remains committed to crafting a one-of-a-kind and memorable unboxing experience for its customers.

The next time you unbox any Apple product, savour the experience and let’s all remember Steve Jobs together.

Conclusion to Apple Box Design

Make sure to keep all the boxes of your Apple products so you can get a higher resale value if you plan to sell your device in the future.

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