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Apple MacBook Void Warranty
Void MacBook Warranty

Intro to What Could Void Your MacBook Warranty?

In Malaysia, Apple provides a standard one-year limited hardware warranty for MacBook models. This warranty includes hardware repair coverage and 90 days of complimentary phone technical support. Additionally, there’s an extended warranty program called AppleCare+ for Mac. It extends coverage from the purchase date and includes unlimited incidents of accidental damage protection, each subject to a service fee. By purchasing AppleCare in Malaysia, you can extend your hardware warranty to 3 years from the purchase date. But please be aware that there are terms and conditions that can void the MacBook warranty.

Pro Tip 1

You can buy AppleCare, an extended warranty program for an extra 2 years when you get your MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or iMac. Alternatively, you can purchase it within 12 months of your Mac’s purchase date. You have two options: either at any Apple Authorized Reseller (you’ll need your serial number) or by calling 1-800-803-638 (serial number required). Click here to learn how to find your Mac’s serial number.

What Could Void Your MacBook Warranty?

According to Apple’s warranty terms and conditions for MacBook in Malaysia, your MacBook warranty becomes void if there is physical damage such as drops, knocks, hits or liquid spills. Physical damage is defined as damage caused by the user’s actions. For more details, you can read Apple’s terms and conditions here.

Apple Warranty Terms & Conditions

Liquid Damage Void Apple Warranty

Apple’s One-Year Limited Warranty and the AppleCare Protection Plan do not cover any liquid damage to Mac computers and accessories. For details, click here.

Modern MacBook Air and MacBook Pro feature Liquid Submersion Indicators (LSI), small patches situated internally around the keyboard and logic board area. These indicators transition from white to red when exposed to any liquid. Apple introduced them to identify accidental damage to the computer. If your MacBook encounters any liquid thus it will immediately void the warranty.

When you bring your MacBook to an Apple service centre, they will examine the LSI. If it has turned red, they will record it in Apple’s system as a voided warranty. Even if you manage to dry the MacBook, the LSI stickers will remain red, indicating previous water damage and a voided warranty.

Pro Tip 2

Unfortunately, repairing water damage can be both expensive and time-consuming. Some components may be irreparable and need replacement. The inspection and cleaning process demands time and patience. We kindly request that when you send your Mac for liquid spillage repair, choose a reputable Mac computer repair service and allow them the necessary time for assessment.

We frequently encounter customers seeking an immediate repair cost estimate. However, without a thorough checking and diagnosis, an exact cost cannot be provided.

For example, consider car repairs, where mechanics often suggest checking and testing before quoting a repair price. Similarly, in healthcare, if someone is not feeling well and seeks medical assistance, a doctor will typically recommend a detailed body examination to determine necessary treatments and estimate costs.

Conclusion to What Could Void Your MacBook Warranty

Handle your MacBook with care at all times to prevent any physical accidents that may result in voiding your new MacBook warranty.

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