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iPhone 15
iPhone 15 Stuck

Intro to iPhone 15 Stuck (Hang)

Apple recently introduced four new models in its iPhone lineup: the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. iOS 17 accompanied these releases, offering an abundance of new features but suffering from bugs and instability. Some users have reported problems like overheating, app crashes, lag and iPhone 15 stuck following their update to iOS 17.

How to Force Restart Your iPhone 15

If your iPhone is stuck (hang), you can try to force a restart by:

iPhone 15 Force Restart

If the force restart works, your iPhone will reboot and you’ll see the Apple logo.

Enter Recovery Mode on your iPhone 15

To put your iPhone 15 into Recovery Mode, follow these steps, which are similar to the force restart process mentioned earlier but with a few differences:

1️⃣ Connect your iPhone 15 to your Mac using a USB-C to USB-C cable. Ensure you use the cable that came with your iPhone 15 nonetheless as other cables may not work.

2️⃣ If it’s your first time connecting your iPhone 15 to your Mac, a Trust button will appear. Tap it and enter your iPhone’s passcode to allow the connection. If you’re using a more recent macOS version, you’ll also need to permit the USB connection to your Mac by clicking the “Allow” prompt that shows up.

3️⃣ Open Finder on your Mac and in the Sidebar, find and click on your iPhone under the Location section.

4️⃣ On your Mac, a Finder window will confirm that your iPhone is in recovery mode. Mac OS will then present you with options: update to the latest iOS version while keeping your data or restore iOS, which will perform a clean install of the latest iOS version.

Exit Recovery Mode on your iPhone 15

Hold down the Side button on your iPhone 15 and your device will reboot thus returning to the Lock Screen.

Enter DFU Mode on your iPhone 15

DFU mode, short for Device Firmware Update mode, lets you restore your iPhone or iPad to its original state by reloading its software and firmware. Similar to Recovery Mode likewise connect your iPhone 15 to a computer using a USB-C to USB-C cable.

iPhone DFU Mode
iPhone DFU Mode

DFU mode differs from Recovery Mode in that it doesn’t display a connection dialogue when you enter it. Once in DFU mode, your iPhone 15’s display will stay black. If you see the Apple logo hence your attempt to enter DFU mode was unsuccessful.

Exit DFU Mode on your iPhone 15

iPhone Exit DFU Mode

Conclusion to iPhone 15 Stuck (Hang)

When you get your new iPhone, the first step is to update it to the latest iOS version before you start transferring and setting up your data. You can find details about the latest iOS 17 update here.

Lastly, after you finish transferring your data, we highly recommend setting up iCloud backup to avoid any complications in case iOS crashes. You can learn more about using iCloud backup here.

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