7 Essential Steps to Take After Purchasing New MacBook

Man carrying blue colour Apple MacBook Air
Man carrying blue colour Apple MacBook Air

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Intro: Steps to take after puchasing new MacBook

Congratulations on purchasing new MacBook! To fully harness the potential of your new investment and embrace the essence of the Apple brand, we will guide you through essential steps for maximizing your Mac’s capabilities.

Step 1 – Check Basic Functions

Upon purchasing new MacBook, take the initiative to try out all the basic functions. Firstly, connect to the internet to test the AirPort (Wi-Fi) function. Next, launch Safari and play YouTube videos to evaluate the speaker performance. To test Bluetooth functionality, attempt AirDrop between two Apple devices. Additionally, input the YouTube website address to assess the keyboard and trackpad function. Lastly, ensure the power adapter is working well by testing the charging function.

Pro Tip 1

By default, the Mac’s AirDrop visibility setting is default set to discovered by No One hence to use it choose to be discovered by “Contacts Only” or “Everyone.” For further information on using AirDrop on your Mac computers, click here. Alternatively, to learn about using AirDrop on iPhone and iPad, click here.

AirDrop default setting

Pro Tip 2

To try out all the individual keys and their functions, for example you can visit a keyboard tester website like this one here.

Step 2 – Softwares and Its Competibility

Most commonly used software like Adobe Suites, Microsoft Office, WhatsApp, and Zoom have Mac versions available, so compatibility won’t be an issue.

To run older Intel-based software, you may need to install Rosetta 2 on your Mac, it is an emulator that translates 64-bit Intel-based applications for execution on Apple silicon processors (M1 and later processors) which use the ARM CPU architecture.

If you try to run an Intel-based application (software) on M1, M2 and later Mac’s, macOS will automatically prompt you to install Rosetta 2 if you are connected to the internet. Simply follow the instructions and install it for free.

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Step 3 – Step up your Trackpad (Gesture)

The Apple trackpad offers a range of better gestures and actions, such as Smart Zoom, you get a view of every active window for the applications that you are currently using. Additionally, Swipe between pages is equally fascinating, enabling you to navigate to the next page on an app with a simple two-finger swipe, much like flipping through a real book. These gestures not only sound impressive but also significantly enhance user productivity.

Now is the time to ditch your mouse and fully embrace the power of the trackpad!

Trackpad settings and customization in MacBook - 1
Trackpad settings and customization in MacBook - 2
Trackpad settings and customization in MacBook - 3

Macworld has compiled ten basic gestures that you can easily learn and master within a few seconds. Click here to learn.

Step 4 – Learn Mac Keyboard shortcuts

Embracing basic Mac keyboard shortcuts can be a game-changer (look cool at the same time), helping you save valuable time during your work tasks. Rather than relying on a mouse or trackpad to navigate around your screen, these lightning-fast keyboard shortcuts empower you to swiftly perform various actions. By incorporating these shortcuts into your workflow after purchasing new MacBook, you can boost productivity and efficiency, making your Mac experience even more seamless and enjoyable.

Here are some useful keyboard shortcuts:

Command + SpaceBar = Search with Spotlight

Spotlight on your Mac is a powerful tool that allows you to swiftly locate apps, documents, emails, and with Siri Suggestions, you can receive updates on news, sports scores, weather conditions, stock prices and more. Moreover, Spotlight can also serve as a handy calculator and unit converter.

Image source Macworld.com

Shift + Command + 3 = Take a screenshot on your Mac

The full-screen screenshot will be taken and saved to the Desktop, while Shift + Command + 4 allows you to take a screenshot on your Mac based on your selected area. Simply drag the crosshair over the area of the screen you want to capture. To open the Screenshot app and access its tools, simply press Shift + Command + 5. Within the app, you can adjust settings like the screenshot save folder, timer and floating options to suit your preferences. For more details you can refer here.

Command + Tab = Easily Jump Between Active Applications

This lets you easily switch between all active apps by tapping Tab while holding Command until you land on the one you want to go to. To quit the active app, simply press Q while holding Command.

Image source Macworld.com

Command + Option + Esc = Force Quit Applications

If an application, software or process stops responding and you are unable to quit or restart it normally, you can use this method to force the app to quit thus allowing you to restart it. However, please be aware that using this method may result in the loss of your data.

Force Quit Applications

Here, you can find a complete list of Apple keyboard shortcuts.

Step 5 – Create a Standard User Account

You might wonder why we recommend creating a standard user account even if you are the only user (Admin) and have no plans to share this MacBook with others. The reason is that in case your MacBook requires repairs, the technician may need to log in and test its basic functions using the standard user account.

Standard users have limited privileges and cannot delete apps or access Admin user files, data, or saved passwords. This makes it secure to share the login details with anyone. Moreover, as an Admin, you can easily delete the standard user account and create a new one if needed, while standard users cannot add, edit or modify the Admin account.

We have encountered numerous situations where users are unwilling to provide us with their login credentials, which hinders proper testing and leads to time wastage and misunderstandings so after purchasing new MacBook, do this asap.

Here is how to create one:

Open System Preferences and click Users & Groups Click the lock in the bottom left if it’s not already unlocked Click the + icon in the bottom left corner Select the type of account (standard, admin, managed, etc.) Enter the account details, click Create User.

macOS System Preferences
macOS System Preferences, Users & Groups

Image source from 9to5mac.com

Step 6 – Avoid eating and drinking near your MacBook

To ensure the safety and proper functioning of your MacBook, it’s essential to avoid eating and drinking near the device. Accidental spills can cause liquid to seep into the internal components, leading to short circuits and malfunctions. Furthermore, food particles may enter the keyboard or other openings, causing debris buildup and operational problems. By maintaining a clean and dry environment around your MacBook, you can prolong its lifespan and ensure reliable performance.

Pro Tip 3

The Apple warranty offers hardware repair coverage for manufacturing and material defects. However, it does not extend to accidental damage or damage resulting from misuse, such as water damage or any form of external harm. So after purchasing new MacBook, use it carefully.

Step 7 – Ensure Good ventilation

Some individuals like placing their MacBooks on soft surfaces like beds, comforters and pillows. However, this can hinder the MacBook’s ventilation by blocking the vents when it sinks into the surface. Insufficient ventilation can lead to a slowdown in the Mac’s performance and potentially cause damage to internal components, such as the logic board, due to overheating.

Click here on ways to cool down your Mac.

Step 8 – Using the right cloth for your MacBook

According to Apple’s recommendations, you should use a 70% isopropyl alcohol solution and a microfiber cloth for cleaning your MacBook. Avoid using water, wet tissues or any other solutions, as their acidity could corrode or damage internal Mac hardware, such as the logic board.

Cleaning MacBook screen with microfibre cloth

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Conclusion on steps to take after puchasing new MacBook

If you’re using an Apple product for the first time, don’t worry and after purchasing new MacBook, keep an open mind and don’t worry. If you encounter any issues or have questions, you can always rely on Teacher YouTube, Teacher Google and Teacher Facebook, as they are available 24/7 to assist you or just contact us for help.

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