7 Things to Consider Before Buying a New MacBook

Buying New MacBook

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Intro: Things to Consider Before Buying a New MacBook

If you are considering buying a new MacBook and are wondering which model to choose, this post will assist you in making an informed decision. It will outline the best Apple MacBook options for you and discuss essential factors to consider before making your final choice.

I – Purpose of Buying a New MacBook

For Work

The decision is somewhat similar for students too, as it depends on both the specifications you need and your purpose for using the Mac. If your tasks involve lightweight work such as email and YouTube, the base model MacBook Air with basic specifications should suffice. However, if you engage in heavy workloads like audio and video editing, it’s advisable to consider the higher-end MacBook Pro.


If you’re a student purchasing a MacBook for your studies, the choice of which model to buy depends on the course you are pursuing. For subjects like accounting, business administration, marketing or courses involving paperwork and research, the MacBook Air would be suitable. An 8GB model with 256GB storage should be sufficient for your needs.

However, if your studies involve heavy programming using languages like Python, graphics design or art-related work, the MacBook Pro with 16GB of RAM would be adequate. If budget is not a concern, you can opt for more RAM to avoid any performance issues.

On the other hand, if your courses require tasks like audio recording and production, video editing or shooting, it’s best to go for the top-of-the-line MacBook Pro with customized specifications, maximizing it as much as your budget allows.

Pro Tip 1

If you are a student or employed within a university or college hence you may qualify for the Apple Education discount. Additionally, Apple occasionally offers Back to School Education discounts, so it’s worth checking them out before making your purchase. These discounts can save you money, and sometimes, as a student, you might even receive complimentary AirPods or Apple Pencils from Apple!

Apple Back to School Education Discounts

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II – Buying new MacBook, need or maybe?

You might have seen someone else with a MacBook and the idea of having one seems appealing to you. In this situation, we would like you to consider asking yourself two important questions:

If you have never used a Mac before, are you willing to learn new things and adapt to the Apple ecosystem? Are you open to change if you have been using Windows throughout your life?

In our 15 years of experience in this business, we have encountered numerous clients. Some of them have found immense happiness and joy in using Macs for their daily activities, while others have faced challenges.

Some common struggles include software compatibility issues. For instance, if you are an accountant, doctor or engineer and rely on specific software that is only compatible with Windows, it might be a good idea to stick with a Windows-based system. Alternatively, you can explore third-party programs like Parallels Desktop , VMware Fusion or other hardware virtualization software to run Windows on a Mac.

III – Check Product Cycle Before Buying New MacBook

If you are someone who cares about having the latest model and avoids “old items,” always check the product cycle before purchasing any MacBook. Apple typically releases a refresh model every 12 to 18 months after a product launch. The most recent launch:

MacBook Air 

M2 13-inch July 2022

M2 15-inch June 2023

MacBook Pro

M2 13-inch June 2022

M2 Pro / Max 14-inch & 16-inch January 2023

theapplehub Mac Buying Guide

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You can refer to theapplehub monthly Apple Buying Guide for more information about the Apple MacBook product cycle.

IV – Accesories for your new MacBook

You don’t need to buy any keyboard protector or screen protector for your new MacBook. Using any type of keyboard protector could cause overheating since it blocks the hot air from being released through the keys gap. Similarly, a screen protector might leave stains on the screen that are hard to remove thus it’s better not to stick any screen protector on the screen.

If you plan to purchase USB or USB-C adapter ports, ensure that you opt for branded and high-quality ones. This precaution will help you avoid short circuits or power surges that could potentially damage the USB, USB-C ports or even the logic board.

V – Having an Apple ID before buying a new MacBook

We recommend registering and having an Apple ID ready before buying a new Mac because it’s easy to get carried away with the excitement of unboxing your new device. We’ve come across cases where clients forgot their Apple ID password, security questions and other details, which can become a serious issue when you need to remove the Apple ID from the device, unlock devices after entering too many wrong passwords or perform software updates. Being prepared with a registered Apple ID can save you from these potential problems.

To learn more about Apple ID, click here.

VI – Consider which backup method

Similar to any electronic device, a MacBook may encounter hardware failures or software hiccups. The hardware issues could be a result of external factors like loss, theft or accidental physical damage, while software hiccups might be caused by malware or failed software updates. Therefore, it is crucial to have your data securely backed up.

You can back up your MacBook by using Time Machine (an app inside macOS). This method allows you to back up the entire system, including macOS, softwares and data, to an external hard disk. Alternatively, you can utilize Apple’s cloud service, iCloud, for data backup.

To learn more about using iCloud across your Apple devices and sharing it with your family, click here.

VII – Extended warranty

Apple offers a program called AppleCare (or AppleCare+ in some countries) that provides an extended two-year warranty in addition to the standard one-year warranty. This gives you a total of three years of international warranty coverage for your MacBook. The price of AppleCare is reasonable since any repairs to the MacBook after the standard warranty expires could cost the same or even more than the AppleCare coverage.

As previously mentioned, MacBook is an electronic device, and it may experience malfunctions or damage for various reasons. Therefore, having protection through AppleCare is a wise decision.

To find out more about MacBook repair, click here.

Pro Tip 2

We have observed that some resellers or service providers offer their own protection plans. However, it is essential to exercise caution, even if their prices seem cheaper. The drawback of such plans is that you can only claim repairs through them and not through Apple’s official service center.

To avoid potential future issues or misunderstandings when attempting to claim warranty with these providers, it is crucial to carefully check and read their terms and conditions. You should inquire about specific details, such as whether repairs will be conducted in-house, the type of parts used for replacements, whether there will be a warranty for the warranty itself and if there are any hidden fees, such as labor or upgrade fees. Being well-informed will help you make an informed decision.

Pro Tip 3

Planning to purchase a used (pre-loved) MacBook? It’s important to meet with the seller in person to avoid any potential scams. During the meeting, thoroughly test all the hardware and software to ensure that you are not buying a faulty MacBook.

Additionally, check if the Mac’s serial number is active, valid and not reported as stolen or locked. Verify that the firmware is functioning normally and not locked.

Finally, sign in with your own Apple ID on the Mac and make sure you can sync your information and see the device appear in your device list. Taking these precautions will help ensure a safe and reliable purchase.

VIII – Discounted Prices (Brand New) Older Model MacBook – Still in Sealed Box

Yes number 8! Exercise extra caution when purchasing a MacBook in such a condition, as you may face difficulties activating your standard one-year warranty with Apple later on. This can be problematic because if the production date is a few years old, Apple might suspect you of attempting to activate a warranty on a product that has been used for some time.

If you decide to buy such a Mac, ensure that the seller can provide you with an official receipt stating the date of your purchase. This way, in case of any dispute with Apple, you have proof that you recently bought the product.

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