Unveiling the Causes of MacBook Overheating

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The temperature of 90°C is typical for a Mac system under high load and a temperature over 95°C is when you might want to be concerned. When the CPU gets too hot, the system will usually clock down the CPU to prevent overheating.

Why MacBook can overheat

1️⃣ High CPU usage: Running resource-intensive applications or too many applications at once can cause the CPU to work harder, leading to increased heat production.

2️⃣ Insufficient airflow: If the MacBook is placed on a soft surface, like a bed or a couch, it can block the air vents, preventing proper airflow and causing the MacBook to overheat.

3️⃣Dust accumulation: Dust buildup inside the MacBook can obstruct the airflow and cause the temperature to rise.

4️⃣ Malfunctioning fan: If the fan is not working correctly or at all, the MacBook will not be able to cool itself down properly, leading to overheating.

5️⃣ Old battery: An ageing battery may not hold a charge as well as it used to, causing the MacBook to work harder and generate more heat.

It’s important to address any overheating issues promptly, as they can lead to permanent damage to the MacBook’s hardware.

Here are some possible solutions to address MacBook overheating:

1️⃣ Close unnecessary applications and tabs to reduce the load on the CPU and prevent it from overheating.

2️⃣Use a cooling pad or external fan to improve air circulation and help dissipate heat.

3️⃣ Clean the vents and fans of your MacBook to remove dust and debris that can obstruct airflow and cause the system to overheat.

4️⃣ Adjust your MacBook’s settings to conserve power and reduce heat output, such as lowering the screen brightness, disabling Wi-Fi, and turning off any unnecessary features.

5️⃣ Consider upgrading your MacBook’s hardware, such as adding more RAM or replacing the hard drive with a solid-state drive (SSD), to improve its performance and reduce the strain on the system.

If none of these solutions works, you may come to us for free checking and troubleshooting.

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