7 Best Mac Apps for Productivity in 2023

7 Best Mac Apps for Productivity in 2023
Todoist feature


No 1 in 7 Best Mac Apps for Productivity in 2023 is Todoist, this is an app that helps users take notes and organize their personal and professional projects. The app is compatible with all iOS devices and offers several free features, such as task creation, browser extensions, and interactive boards for note-taking. Users who opt to pay the $29 yearly fee can access more advanced features like automatic reminders and backups. However, the app’s free version is still effective in keeping users organized.

1Password feature


Many individuals spend a considerable amount of time recalling their passwords, especially when they forget one for an app they use regularly. Fortunately, 1Password is a Mac app that saves and remembers all your passwords in one place, allowing you to access all your favourite sites with just one click. This way, you can save time and keep all your accounts secure at the same time. The personal plan for the app costs $2.99 per month.

Alfred app


Alfred is a comprehensive Mac app that aims to increase efficiency by providing shortcuts and customized actions. It offers a range of functions, such as accessing the clipboard memory to prevent redundant copy-pasting, or automating recurring tasks through personalized workflows. While the app is not free, it has several pricing tiers based on the features you need.

CleanMyMac feature


If you’re experiencing a sluggish Mac due to accumulated clutter and junk files, CleanMyMac is an ideal solution that allows you to scan, monitor, and optimize your system for faster performance. With a single license cost of $39.95, it efficiently removes unwanted files, unused apps, and other digital debris, freeing up valuable disk space and enhancing your system’s overall speed and functionality.

Grammarly feature


If you want to avoid spelling and grammar errors that could potentially harm your grades or credibility in the workplace, Grammarly can assist you. As a writing assistant integrated with your Mac, Grammarly monitors your writing and provides live corrections to help you catch potential mistakes before they become permanent. While there is a free version available, you can opt for the premium version which costs between $11 and $30 per month, depending on your payment plan.

aText feature


This productivity app for Mac is the ultimate tool for text expanding. If you’re not familiar with text expanding, it involves monitoring what you type on your keyboard and automatically replacing specific shortened sequences or phrases with longer phrases or even whole paragraphs.

Amphetamine feature


Amphetamine is a highly effective app for macOS that keeps your Mac awake by allowing you to switch its display on or off, or by using easy-to-configure Triggers. This app is powerful and offers advanced features, but it remains intuitive and user-friendly for those who do not require all of its features. In short, it’s the ultimate solution for keeping your Mac awake and alert.

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