Best places to buy a new MacBook: Tips and guide

Buy new MacBook
Buy New MacBook

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Intro to the best places to buy a new MacBook

Firstly, let’s discuss the country before delving into the best website, shop or place to buy a new MacBook. According to three different websites, Malaysia emerges as one of the cheapest countries in the world to purchase a new MacBook. This fact gives us a reason to be proud of 🇲🇾

Buy new MacBook at Malaysia

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Buy new MacBook at Malaysia

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In summary several factors could contribute to Malaysia’s status as one of the cheapest countries to buy a new MacBook:

Import Duties and Taxes: Malaysia impose lower import duties and taxes on electronic goods, making it more affordable for consumers to purchase products like the MacBook at a lower cost compared to other countries with higher taxes.

Exchange Rates: Fluctuations in exchange rates can impact the prices of imported goods thus if the Malaysian Ringgit weakens against the currency used to price the MacBook (e.g., US Dollar), the cost of the MacBook in Malaysia may appear cheaper.

Competitive Retail Market: Malaysia has a competitive retail market with multiple authorized Apple resellers and retailers therefore this competition can lead to price wars, promotions and discounts, driving down the overall cost of the MacBook.

Distribution and Transportation Costs: Malaysia’s geographic location and well-established transportation networks thus result in lower distribution and transportation costs for Apple products.

Government Policies: The government’s policies and incentives to encourage technology adoption or support the tech industry subsequently influence the pricing of electronic products.

Alright, let’s now discuss where you should buy your new MacBook from.

No.1 Buy new MacBook directly from Apple

According to Bloomberg’s Apple analyst Mark Gurman, the first official Apple Store in Malaysia is set to open in February 2024 at The Exchange TRX.

Apple Store at TRX KL

Image source from SCM Southern Corridor Malaysia

Apple Store at Taipei Taiwan

Before Apple’s own official store opens at TRX, we can purchase a new MacBook from Apple through their official website.

Buying a MacBook directly from Apple provides several advantages over purchasing from other retailers. Firstly, Apple ensures a seamless and consistent customer experience with their own stores, guaranteeing a reliable shopping process. Additionally, you gain access to a wide range of models, configurations, and hardware customization options that may not be available at 3rd party retailers.

Moreover, Apple stores have knowledgeable staff who can offer expert advice and assistance during your purchase, making it easier to find the right MacBook for your specific needs. Another benefit is the warranty and customer support directly from Apple, ensuring peace of mind and swift resolution for any potential issues.

Apple often presents special promotions and student (education) discounts, which can enhance the cost-effectiveness of buying directly from them.

Lastly, if you purchase from the Apple official store, they will ship the product to you using reputable courier companies like DHL or UPS. This way, you can be confident that your purchase will arrive safely at your doorstep.

Trade-In Program

Currently, Apple does not have an official trade-in program. However, you can easily sell your used or pre-loved Mac on platforms like Facebook Marketplace or Carousell. After the official Apple store opens at TRX, Apple might introduce a trade-in program.

No.2 Premium & Authorised Reseller

In Malaysia, we have Premium & Authorized Resellers, including companies like Machine, Mac City, Switch, iT World and many others. These companies have a direct partnership with Apple and a contractual relationship to buy and sell Apple products. They play a crucial role in expanding the availability of Apple products in various locations and offer customers more options to purchase Apple devices and accessories.

Different between Premium & Authorised Resellers

Apple Premium Resellers are independent retail stores authorized by Apple to sell their products. They provide a wide range of Apple products, accessories, and services, while also delivering a high level of customer service with well-trained staff who are knowledgeable about Apple products. These resellers often have dedicated Apple product demonstration areas and offer support services, including repairs and technical assistance.

On the other hand, Apple Authorized Resellers are also independent retail stores authorized by Apple to sell their products. However, they may have a smaller selection of Apple products compared to Premium Resellers. Nevertheless, they still offer genuine Apple products and are expected to meet certain standards set by Apple, even though they might not provide the same level of expertise and support services as Premium Resellers.

Pro Tip 1

We have observed that some Premium & Authorised Resellers offer their own protection plans. However, it is essential to exercise caution, even if their prices seem cheaper. The drawback of such plans is that you can only claim repairs through them and not through Apple’s official service center.

To avoid potential future issues or misunderstandings when attempting to claim warranty with these providers, it is crucial to carefully check and read their terms and conditions. Always ask for specific details, such as whether they will conduct repairs in-house, the type of parts they use for replacements, whether there will be a warranty for the repairs and if they have any hidden fees, such as labour or upgrade fees.

Consider checking out this post to learn what should you take note of before buying a new Mac.

Pro Tip 2

Please take note that if you purchase your MacBook from other countries with their own official language, you might receive a different kind of keyboard. Here in Malaysia, we use the US keyboard as the standard.

US & UK Keyboard

Is there a no.3 spot where to buy a new MacBook?

In Malaysia, there are quite a number of private sellers offering used (pre-loved) Macs, some with physical shops and others selling online. However, when purchasing from them, exercise caution as you might end up with a faulty or problematic unit. Make sure to follow the guide provided here (under Step 1 – Check Basic Functions) to check your MacBook’s basic functions after purchase.

Another crucial aspect to consider when buying used Macs is to ensure the previous user or owner has removed their Apple ID and removed the device from their Apple ID list. If the device is still locked to the previous owner, you might encounter issues when trying to format the Mac or use the Find My function to trace a lost Mac.

To learn more about Apple ID, you can click here. Additionally, for more information on the Find My function, you can click here.

Pro Tip 3

There are two common online marketplaces (Facebook Marketplace and Carousell) where you can search for a lot of used (preloved) Macs, but be cautious and vigilant about scams. Always insist on face-to-face dealings and thoroughly check the Mac before paying the seller.

Facebook marketplace and Carousell logo

Conclusion to the best places to buy a new MacBook

Always ensure you are clear about the specifications and purpose of use, so you can purchase the right model that suits your needs. If your budget allows, consider getting AppleCare for your new Mac.

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