MacBook Battery Drain So Quickly. Why and How?

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MacBook Battery Problem

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Intro to MacBook Battery Drain (Problem)

Are you using a MacBook, MacBook Air or MacBook Pro and saw irregular battery charge retention or a sudden decline in battery percentage may signify a potential MacBook battery problem or a settings and preferences concern.

If you’re considering a potential MacBook battery replacement and require more information, click here. However, if you suspect an alternative issue and find your battery health to be perfectly normal, continue reading for more insights.

Scenario 1: Battery Drain Very Fast When Using

Applications Issue Could Cause MacBook Battery Problem

When using battery power, you observe a rapid depletion in the power percentage of the battery as you start opening of applications and engage in your tasks. It is advisable to check your applications for potential issues. Are they operating on outdated versions or displaying errors? An application error has the potential to accelerate battery drainage due to its increased consumption of CPU and RAM resources hence operating at heightened resource levels necessitates more battery power.

To be sure whether any application is problematic, proceed to Activity Monitor:

macOS Finder
Activity Monitor

Here you can see Applications that might be hogging up your CPU and Memory (RAM). Just go ahead and close these apps. A little tip from us: try giving those apps the boot, then grab them fresh from the web by downloading and reinstalling. That usually does the trick if there’s any glitchiness going on.

Activity Monitor CPU
Activity Monitor Close Apps

Now, if you’re having trouble with a browser, say Chrome acting all hungry for CPU and Memory, you might want to consider some other browsing applications like Safari, Firefox, Opera, Edge or even give Sidekick a chance.

Battery Settings in System Preference

Battery Settings in System Preferences. MacBook Battery Problem

If you’re unsure about the ideal settings for your Battery in System Preferences, and you suspect that changes have been made previously, it’s a good idea to reset the settings to their default configuration. This can help resolve any potential issues with your battery settings.

Pro Tip 1

Each year, Apple introduces a new macOS version, and upgrading to the latest one doesn’t cost you anything. However, these macOS updates bring along fresh features and functions that tend to have a higher appetite for battery power. Consequently, if your MacBook originally offered a solid 7-hour usage span on a single charge, it’s important to acknowledge that after 5 years and 5 rounds of macOS updates, you shouldn’t anticipate the battery to maintain that 7-hour longevity, even if you swap in a new and original battery.

Scenario 2: Battery Drain Very Fast Even When Sleeping

macOS Login Item

Login Items in macOS

Your MacBook battery might drain while it sleeps due to unnoticed background processes, often initiated by login items. These applications automatically open when you log in, consuming significant CPU and Memory (RAM) resources and power. To address this, review your login items, choose those to remove, and click the “-” sign below.

Turn off Notifications when Mac Sleep

macOS Notifications Setting

While there isn’t a specific setting to deactivate notifications during Mac sleep mode, you can disable them when the screen is sleeping, which naturally happens when your Mac is asleep.

Navigate to System Preferences and find the Notifications section. In this section, locate the “Allow notifications” option. Simply switch off the “When the display is sleeping” and “When the screen is locked” choices.

Power Nap

Power Nap feature in macOS.

If your MacBook has the Power Nap feature (depending on the macOS version), ensure you deactivate it while using battery power. This feature consumes a significant amount of power and can give the impression of battery issues with your MacBook.

Preventing Sleep

Activity Monitor - Preventing Sleep. MacBook Battery Problem
Activity Monitor - Preventing Sleep. MacBook Battery Problem

In Activity Monitor, in View add Preventing Sleep. By checking the Preventing Sleep column might offer insights into processes potentially contributing to battery drainage because the Mac is not able to sleep.

Screen Time

Screen Time in macOS Preferences
Screen Time in macOS Preferences

Screen Time, an available macOS feature, presents insights into your and your family’s app and website usage, alongside tools for managing device usage. While this app can prove beneficial, it’s worth noting that its tracking functionalities significantly consume a lot of battery power. If this feature isn’t important to you, consider turning it off.

USB Devices

Disconnect any physical USB devices linked to your MacBook. Certain devices tend to consume significant power, even when not in use, as they stay in active or standby modes. Examples include USB external hard drives and input devices like drawing boards.

Scenario 3: Rapid Battery Drain Despite Mac Being Shut Down

The cause might be background processes running behind the scenes. Even after shutting down your Mac, certain background processes continue to draw on battery power, which is a usual occurrence. To investigate, go to System Preferences > Battery and check the Battery Level graph to pinpoint the battery drain timing thus you can examine your MacBook’s battery level for significant overnight or idle drops

macOS Battery graph in System Preferences

However, if you’re noticing a considerable battery decline until it’s entirely empty, it’s advisable to have your Mac’s battery checked.

Pro Tip 2

Using a faulty or lower voltage for charging your MacBook could result in slower charging speeds. To determine the appropriate charging method for your MacBook, refer to this post.

If you’re interested in learning how to assess your battery health, we’ve got a comprehensive guide available for you right here.

Pro Tip 3

We frequently receive questions about MacBook battery concerns, particularly if they are swollen. Some users may wonder if they can use their MacBook solely using the power adapter. The answer is yes you can but expect lagging issues. The reason behind the lag and its specific causes remain unknown.

Conclusion to MacBook Battery Drain (Problem)

Facing a quick battery drain issue can be really annoying. If you’ve already tried the steps we mentioned earlier and are still unsure about what’s happening, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re here to help and do our best to solve this puzzling problem together.

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