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Removing battery from Apple MacBook Pro 13 inch year 2020
Change MacBook Pro Battery

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Intro to change your MacBook Battery

Your MacBook battery can be your best friend or your worst enemy so let’s make it easy to change MacBook Pro battery.

The battery keep you going when you are using your MacBook in places without power outlet like your favourite cafe, library, public transport or anywhere out there.

Due to tear and wear it could require replacement (service) once in a while. You might ask how long exactly can my MacBook Air battery or MacBook Pro battery work before it needs replacement.

Honestly, no one has an accurate answer. We have seen some users using it for like ten years and the battery is still in good condition and able to hold a healthy charge.

Battery Health

If you would like to see how healthy is your MacBook battery or how many charges (W) it can hold, download the Coconut Battery app (free) and you can see the details there.

Time to change the battery?

The first clear indication is your MacBook Air battery or MacBook Pro battery will drain very fast. Even if you have charged it to 100%, the battery percentage would go down very fast within an hour or two the battery is low battery again. 

The second indication could be the macOS system and most of the applications you open will respond in a slower manner.

Things will take more time to load and open, while you can feel the palm rest part (keyboard and trackpad area) very warm when using the Mac even is not charging or very warm when it’s charging.

Third, if you find that your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro will turn off immediately once you unplug or turn off the charger (MagSafe adapter), it could indicate the battery has spoiled and the MacBook is solely dependent on the MacBook as its power source.

If you experience any of these three indications, it’s time to change your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro battery.

You can manually check the battery status by clicking on the battery logo on the top right of your Mac and see if there is Replace Now / Service Recommended status.

For more battery tips click here.


Can I still use the battery even if it has spoiled? 

Yes, you can. Basically, there is not much danger and a very low risk the battery might explode or cause damage to the MacBook except the battery has begun to swell. A swell battery has the pressure to bend the bottom casing and back cover thus risking damage to the logic board, keyboard and trackpad.

Where can you have your MacBook battery changed?

An authorised service centre can do that for you or a third party place like us can do that for you as well.

What’s the difference between an authorised service centre and us?

At this moment March 2023, an authorised service centre will take around two weeks (fourteen working days) to get the battery replacement done because they need to place an order with the warehouse in Singapore while we can change it, clean it, test it and service your Mac within a day or two.

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