Apple KL, Malaysia First Official Store at TRX

Apple TRX

Apple Malaysia ~ First Official Store at TRX KL

After many years, Apple Malaysia will finally open their flagship official Apple Store in the premium shopping mall at TRX Exchange KL. This isn’t a reseller or retailer like Machines, Mac City, IT World or Switch, but Apple themselves. They will open their doors on 22 June 2024 at 10am!

Apple Malaysia TRX

Apple Store Malaysia ~ The Location

The place is strategically located in the heart of KL, easily accessible by two MRT lines, Line 1 and Line 2. However, Samsung, a fierce competitor to the iPhone, decided to play a prank on Apple.

Years ago, when Apple decided to open its first official flagship store in Malaysia at TRX, they had an agreement with the mall management that no other Apple resellers should be allowed to open at TRX. The management honoured this agreement, but they didn’t control the naming rights of the MRT station.

The naming rights for public rail transportation come under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Transport of Malaysia, managed by a company called Prasarana. Prasarana oversees the public rail in KL and Selangor, operating and maintaining the services.

Samsung Malaysia saw this loophole and paid for the naming rights of the TRX MRT station, renaming it to TRX Samsung Galaxy MRT Station.

So, next time you’ll be telling people you’re taking the MRT to TRX Samsung Galaxy MRT Station to visit the Apple Store and buy products. Hahaha!

TRX MRT Station

Source Samsung Malaysia Newsroom

Why buy your Apple products here?

Just two simple reasons. First, they received sales and support training directly from Apple. Unlike salespeople at resellers who might not be sure what they’re talking about. Second, you are guaranteed to receive great support after purchase, with a return and exchange policy available! These two reasons are good enough for you to visit them and get your products directly from Apple.

Plus, they offer free classes on how to use and utilise your Apple products! It doesn’t matter if it’s a Mac computer, iPhone, or iPad, they have free classes for you at Today at Apple.

Products Demo

Official Apple Stores are famous for their demos, allowing anyone to try out their products without any obligation to buy. Since Vision Pro is scheduled for a worldwide release and sale, we should anticipate demos and testing will be available at Apple Store TRX KL.

Apple Malaysia Vision Pro

So, will you be there on 22 June 2024 at 10am? We definitely will!

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