Ultimate Guide on Turn Off (Disable) Find My Mac

Find My Mac
Find My Mac

Intro to Turn Off (Disable) Find My Mac

When you sign in to Apple ID on your device for the first time, it will be activated. However, when sending your MacBook, iPhone, or iPad for official service centre repairs, it’s essential to turn off (disable) Find My Mac.

Why is this necessary? Firstly, this prevents unauthorized individuals from accessing your device without your consent. Secondly, disabling it serves as a verification method by Apple to confirm device ownership.

How to Turn Off (Disable) Find My Mac

If you still have your Mac with you, simply follow these instructions.

Apple System Preferences
Apple ID Button
Find My Mac

Simply untick it to turn it off. If your Mac is inaccessible or not within reach for any reason, you can use any other device with an internet browser to deactivate it. Any device with internet access will work.

Apple Find My Mac

First, go to icloud.com/find and log in using your Apple ID and password. Make sure you input the correct login information. If the password is entered incorrectly three times, your Apple ID account will be locked.

iCloud Find My
Find My Remove This Device

Pro Tip 1

Be sure to re-enable your Find My Mac function after retrieving your device from the service centre. Failing to do so will prevent you from locating, locking, or erasing the device in case it’s lost or misplaced.

Pro Tip 2

In case you encounter difficulty accessing your Apple ID account or need technical support, you can reach Apple’s support line at 1 800 803 638.

Conclusion to Turn Off (Disable) Find My Mac

If you’re selling or giving away your Mac, iPhone, or iPad, make sure to turn off the Find My Mac feature so the new owner can use this function. Specifically, each Apple device can only have one account with an active Find My feature.

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