Unlock Mac Trash Bin: Can You Recover Deleted Files

Mac Trash Bin

Intro to Mac Trash Bin

The Mac trash bin serves the purpose of temporarily storing files and folders that users have deleted from the computer. When users delete a file or folder, it moves to the trash bin, where they can restore it if necessary. You can access the trash bin by clicking on its icon, located in the Dock. To permanently delete the files in the trash bin, you must click on the “Empty” button in the upper-right corner. The primary advantage of the trash bin lies in its ability to help users recover accidentally deleted files. Moreover, it aids users in freeing up storage space on their computers by allowing them to delete files they no longer need without permanently removing them from the computer.

What happens after you press ‘Empty Bin’?

Pressing ‘Empty Bin’ on your Mac permanently deletes all the files and folders that were in the Trash folder. All the files will become inaccessible and not recoverable from the Trash folder. For iCloud Drive items that you move to the Bin from your iCloud will be automatically emptied from the Trash after 30 days, regardless of Finder settings. You can choose to empty the Trash sooner than 30 days. For more info, click here.

Can you recover them after emptying the Trash Bin?

We believe it’s not possible due to the current macOS system structure. However, when you Google data recovery, you’ll find many Recovery Software App advertisements claiming easy and affordable data recovery. Yet, none of them guarantees a 100% success rate. Their software can only recover parts or partitions of a file, which is often useless and unusable.

How about Data Recovery Company?

If you have a faulty external hard disk and need to recover the data, reputable data recovery companies can assist you in recovering the data. However, if you’re using the latest Mac, they won’t be able to help because the hard drive is built into the logic board, making it challenging to remove. Soldering work is necessary to move the hard drive and it’s a complex process.

Pro Tip

If you’re someone who frequently deletes files by accident and empties the Bin, we recommend using Time Machine to back up your Mac.

Time Machine is a built-in macOS backup tool that saves all your files, such as apps, music, photos, emails and documents, to an external storage device. It essentially creates a “snapshot” or a clone copy of your entire Mac at the time of the backup, which you can return to whenever necessary.

So, if you ever mistakenly delete files and clear the Bin, you can easily retrieve and restore them using Time Machine. If you want to use Time Machine for backup, ensure that you format your external hard disk correctly. To find out more, click here.

Conclusion to Mac Trash Bin

Always exercise caution and think twice before emptying your Trash Bin. Accidentally deleting your files can be both time-consuming and financially costly if you need those data back.

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