Cool New Features in Mac OS Sonoma You Should Know!

New Mac OS Sonoma
Mac OS Sonoma

Intro to Mac OS Sonoma New Features

Apple released Mac OS Sonoma 14 to the public on 26 September 2023, packed with many exciting new features. Let’s explore some of these interesting and cool features.

Aerial Wallpapers

You can choose from over 100 videos in various categories such as Landscape, Cityscape, Underwater and Earth. While most of these videos are from ‌Apple TV‌, there are also some new ones from the Sonoma region of California this year. The aerial screensavers come with matching wallpapers that animate when you wake your display, creating a smooth transition from screensaver to wallpaper. When you select one of these wallpapers, it appears as a static image on the Desktop. However, when your Mac goes to the Lock Screen, the wallpaper turns into an aerial screensaver. When you unlock the Mac, it seamlessly stops moving and remains still in that frame.

Mac OS Sonoma - Aerial Wallpapers

Interactive Desktop Widgets

Apple now allows you to add widgets to the Notification Center on older macOS versions. With Mac OS Sonoma 14, you can place them directly on your desktop. This means you can interact with third-party apps right from your Mac’s desktop, without the need to open the full app. Widgets seamlessly blend into the background when not in use. Additionally, through Continuity, you have the option to view and use your iPhone widgets on your desktop without needing to install the corresponding Mac app.

Mac OS Sonoma - Interactive Desktop Widgets

Presenter Overlay

Presenter Overlay is a cool new feature introduced in Mac OS Sonoma that allows you to appear on video calls while presenting your screen. It places a small floating image of you on the screen, giving you the freedom to move around. Instead of having to decide between displaying your image or your slides with tiny side windows showing everyone on the call, you can now present effectively in macOS Sonoma. Furthermore, the Presenter Overlay feature seamlessly integrates with FaceTime and other third-party apps like Zoom.

Presenter Overlay

Safari Profiles

Apple introduces a new Profiles feature in Safari with macOS Sonoma. This feature is designed to quickly separate work and personal browsing and enhance concentration and privacy. Now, you can easily create isolated profiles in Safari. For example, you can set up Work and Personal profiles, ensuring that cookies, passwords, and information saved in the Work profile remain separate from the Personal profile. Each profile has its own history, cookies, website data, extensions, Tab Groups and favourites.

Safari Profiles

How to Install Mac OS Sonoma

To update to the latest Mac OS, you can check for available updates in System Preferences or the App Store. Simply download and install the latest version, then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process. If you’d like to review a critical checklist before updating to the latest OS, click here.

macOS Sonoma on App Store

Conclusion to Mac OS Sonoma New Features

Updating to the latest Mac OS version can be fun and exciting, but it’s essential to ensure you have the right hardware, especially for older Macs with Intel processors. Otherwise, your user experience might become slow and laggy. Additionally, if you’re upgrading from an older Mac OS version, always remember to back up your data first. In case of any installation failures or problems, you may need to perform a clean format and reinstallation and you can find a guide for that here.

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