Ultimate Troubleshooting: External USB Hard Disk Not Detected on Mac

Mac not detecting external hard drive

Facing issues with your external hard disk not detecting in Mac? It could be due to the file system format.

Mac computers do not have native support for reading NTFS-formatted drives commonly used in Windows-based systems.

To resolve this, consider formatting the external hard drive to format types that are best suited for Mac:

1️⃣ macOS Extended (HFS+): This is the default file system used by Mac while supporting features like Time Machine backups and FileVault encryption. However, it may not be compatible with Windows or Linux systems without third-party software.

2️⃣ APFS (Apple File System): This is the newer file system introduced by Apple in macOS High Sierra (10.13) and later, optimized for SSDs with features like snapshots, cloning, and encryption. It’s recommended for macOS boot drives and SSDs.

3️⃣ FAT32: This is a widely compatible file system that can be read and written by both Mac and Windows systems. However, it has limitations on file size and partition size.

4️⃣ ExFAT: This is a file system offering compatibility with both Mac and Windows systems, allowing for larger file sizes and partition sizes. ExFAT is suitable for external drives used on both Mac and Windows computers.

When choosing the best format type for your Mac, consider factors like compatibility, performance, and file size limitations. Always remember to backup your data before formatting a storage device, as formatting will erase all data on the drive.

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