iMac Cannot On: Ultimate Troubleshooting Steps and Tips

iMac Cannot On

Intro to Troubleshooting Steps When iMac Cannot On

When your iMac refuses to turn on, there are typically two scenarios to consider. The first is when there’s no power, no display on the screen and no sound whatsoever after pressing the power button. The second scenario involves seeing the Apple logo on a black background but experiencing a failure to boot into the macOS system. Recognizing these two distinct issues can aid in troubleshooting to get your iMac up and running again.

First Scenario: iMac No Power

Here are some troubleshooting steps and a guide for you if your Mac desktop won’t turn on.

1️⃣ Check Power Cable: Ensure your power cable is in good condition and securely connected to both your Mac and a functional power outlet. You can try to use another power cable, which you can easily find in your house. If you are using an iMac from the year 2020 or earlier, the 3-pin power connector might be the same one used by your rice cooker and water dispenser machine.

3 Pin Plug for iMac

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2️⃣ Unplug All Accessories: You could have an issue with one or more USB accessories or their cables. Unplug all accessories from your iMac, including printers, drives, USB hubs and phone. 

3️⃣ Press and Hold the Power Button: Press and hold the power button on your iMac for about 10 seconds. Then press and release the power button normally to reset the power cycle flow.

What might be the cause of the first scenario: iMac has no power?

The most common reason the iMac can’t turn on is power supply problems. A frequent cause of power supply damage is a short circuit due to high voltage or power surges from the power source. You can prevent this by using an AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator). To learn more about this device, click here.

Second Scenario: Stuck at the Apple logo

If you see only this when you turn on your iMac, we have a troubleshooting guide for you.

iMac stuck

1️⃣ Reset SMC: Reset the System Management Controller (SMC) on your iMac by following the instructions here.

2️⃣ Boot into Safe Mode: Boot into Safe Mode by holding down the Shift key while the Mac starts up. This will disable third-party extensions and may help you identify the cause of the problem inside Safe Mode.

What might be the cause of the second scenario: Stuck at the Apple logo

The most common problem is a hard drive issue. When the hard drive is damaged, macOS fails to load and there’s a risk of data loss if you don’t have a backup. Second, macOS may become corrupted or experience a system crash due to a failed software update. Third, there could be problems with the BIOS, System Controller and in the worst-case scenario, a logic board issue.

Conclusion to Troubleshooting Steps When iMac Cannot On

If you’ve attempted all the troubleshooting steps and your iMac still doesn’t turn on correctly, it’s advisable to consult an Apple computer specialist. Ensure you choose a reputable place rather than any random computer shop, as improper handling could harm your iMac. For more information, see here.

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