Discovered How to Create Your Stunning Contact Poster

iOS 17 Contact Poster
iOS 17 Contact Poster

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Intro to creating your iPhone Contact Poster

With the release of iOS 17 on September 18, 2023, we believe that the most anticipated feature is NameDrop thus allowing easy contact sharing by touching two iOS 17 iPhones. Those on iOS 17 are eager to create attractive iPhone contact poster hence we provide a guide to create the best and stunning ones.

Guide to Creating iPhone Contact Poster

Creating your Contact Poster is similar to customizing your iPhone lock screen. You can select an image, font and colour that you like.

1️⃣ Open the Contacts app and tap on your own name.

iPhone Contact App
iPhone Contact App

2️⃣ Navigate to Contact Photo & Poster. Click on Edit, then select Customize. Choose Poster. Use the buttons at the screen’s bottom to capture a photo similarly select one from your library, pick a Memoji, or add a simple Monogram of your initials.

Contact Photo & Poster
Photo & Poster edit

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3️⃣ To complement your selected image, you can optionally adjust the font size, style and colour. (Please note that changing your name requires editing your contact information separately.) Swipe across the poster to preview various filters like black and white, duotone or custom colour washes. When satisfied, tap Done to preview the caller’s view. If you like it, tap Continue. You can then edit the photo’s crop, select a different image or skip this step.

Customized Poster

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4️⃣ Your Contact Poster and Contact Photo are now ready. Contact Posters can be shared automatically with your contacts, or you can choose to share them when someone calls you to ensure your custom imagery is seen only with your permission.

Keep in mind that the Contacts app’s design has been adjusted to accommodate Contact Posters. When you tap on a contact, you’ll notice that their contact image, Memoji or initials now occupy a larger portion of the screen. This also applies to contacts for whom you’ve assigned an image.

You can tap on the Contact Photo and Poster option under the person’s name to select automatic updates when your contact makes changes like updating their profile photo or enable manual updates, prompting you for the update.

Contact card is ready

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How to use the NameDrop feature

All you need to do is bring your iPhone close to the person you want to share your NameDrop with and you’re done. When you place the phones together, a Contact Poster will appear (this is the image that appears when you call someone). Then, you can choose to receive the contact or send your own in return.

Pro Tip

Not a fan of NameDrop? Just open the Settings app, tap on General and go to the AirDrop tab. Once you’re in the tab, turn off the ‘Bring Devices Together’ option.

Conclusion to creating your iPhone Contact Poster

Before you jump into upgrading to iOS 17, ensure your iPhone is prepared and most importantly, back up all your data. For more details, click here.

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