iOS 17: Discover Must Know and Impacts on iPhone

iOS 17 for iPhone

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Intro to Must Know iOS 17 for iPhone

Apple typically releases a new iOS version every year, along with new iPhone models. This trend started in 2007 and continued until 2010 when the releases happened in June or July. Confirmation has arrived that Apple will host the Wonderlust iPhone 15 Event on Tuesday, September 12 (Malaysia Time: Wednesday, September 13 at 1 am). This event also marks the release of the next iOS 17 for iPhone.

Apple has released new major versions in September or October specifically here are the release dates for the latest iOS versions:

12 on 17 September 2018

13 on 19 September 2019

14 on 16 September 2020

15 on 20 September 2021

16 on 12 September 2022

What is iOS and its use in the iPhone?

iOS, short for iPhone Operating System, serves as the proprietary operating system for the iPhone. It traces its roots to Unix and drives all of Apple’s mobile devices. iOS made its debut in June 2007 alongside the iPhone’s launch thus it empowers the iPhone with its hands-on features, encompassing the intuitive multi-touch screen, user-friendly interface, and pre-installed applications. These built-in apps are readily accessible from the Home screen thus defining the iPhone’s functionality.

Pro Tip

Before you rush into updating to the latest iOS version, there are a few crucial factors to consider. Suppose you’re currently using an older iPhone, like the X or 11 and everything is running smoothly. Your essential apps like Facebook, WhatsApp and YouTube are working well. However, you’ve received a prompt from Apple to download and install the latest iOS. Should you proceed with the update?

If we were in your shoes, we would opt not to update. Why, you might wonder? Let’s reflect on the primary reason people switch to or purchase new iPhones. The most common issues happen when an iPhone becomes sluggish in responsiveness and its battery drains quickly. This typically happens when an older iPhone has a new iOS version installed.

Newer iOS versions introduce advanced features that demand more processing power, resources and battery capacity to operate thus resulting in slower performance and faster battery depletion for older iPhones.

What to do when a new iOS is released?

Here are some tips to ensure a smooth iOS update for you.

Check if your device is compatible: Before updating, make sure your iPhone is compatible with the new version of iOS, you can check it here.

iOS Compatibility for iPhone

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Back up your data: It is important to back up your data before updating to a new version of iOS, in case something goes wrong during the update process and you could lose all your data. To learn how to back up using iCloud, click here.

iOS Update Error

iPhone software updates, known as iOS updates specifically need 600-800 megabytes (MB) for a successful installation. It’s advisable to have at least 10GB of free space as a buffer. To make sure you have adequate storage for the update, follow these steps: Open the Settings app. Tap on General. Select iPhone Storage. If your phone lacks the necessary storage for the iOS update subsequently you can create space by removing unnecessary apps, photos, videos or other content.

iPhone Free Storage

Conclusion to Must Know iOS 17 for iPhone

Our final piece of advice is not to rush into updating to the latest iOS version upon release. Typically, these releases may contain bugs and errors that could potentially disrupt your iPhone’s functionality. It’s common for developers of popular third-party apps like chat and social media apps to require some time to create a stable app compatible with the latest iOS version. For instance, you wouldn’t want your WhatsApp app to repeatedly crash to the point where you can’t send messages to anyone.

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