Exclusive iPhone 15 Launch: Apple Event September 2023

iPhone 15

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Intro to iPhone 15 Launch Apple Event

Apple hosted its annual fall launch event on 13 September 2023 at 1 am Malaysia time thus unveiling the new iPhone 15 lineup and introducing the new Series 9 Apple Watches. The iPhone 15 lineup comprises the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max. Pre-orders for these phones start on 22 September subsequently with shipments scheduled for 29 September in Malaysia.

Where to watch the iPhone 15 Apple Event

iPhone 15 and 15 Plus

iPhone 15: 128GB – RM4399. 256GB – RM4899. 512GB – RM5899

iPhone 15 Plus: 128GB – RM4899. 256GB – RM5399. 512GB – RM6399

iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max

iPhone Pro: 128GB – RM5499. 256GB – RM5999. 512GB – RM6999. 1TB – RM7999

iPhone 15 Pro Max: 256GB – RM6499. 512GB – RM7499. 1TB – RM8499

Nonetheless, if you want to purchase any of the iPhone 15 models, ensure that you order exclusively through the official Apple website or authorized Apple resellers. Avoid falling for scams that promise quicker delivery and lower prices.

Pro Tip

Apple does not provide a global warranty for iPhones thus the warranty for an iPhone is only applicable in the country where it was bought. If you purchase an iPhone in one country and reside in another, you must send the phone back to the country of purchase for warranty repairs or replacements.

To determine the country where the iPhone was initially sold, follow these steps: Go to “Settings.” Navigate to “General.” Select “About.” Find and click on “Model” to view your iPhone’s model number hence the first two letters of the model number indicate the country of sale.

iCloud+ New Storage Capacity

In fact, from 18 September 2023, Malaysians can sign up for 6TB iCloud+ storage at a monthly cost of RM129.90 or the 12TB iCloud+ storage plan is available for RM269.90 per month. Apple suggests that these new iCloud+ choices are ideal for individuals with extensive photo and video collections moreover for those who use Family Sharing. It also grants access to premium features like Private Relay, Hide My Email, Custom Email Domains and HomeKit Secure Video support.

iCloud is an excellent backup tool that you should not overlook. To discover how to set up and use iCloud+ for both yourself and your family members, click here.

Conclusion to iPhone 15 Launch Apple Event

In addition to the iPhone 15 model launches, Apple also unveiled some new Apple Watches during this morning’s event. For a comprehensive summary, please watch the event summary below.

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