Discover Why Legacy Contact for Apple Devices is Critical and How to Set It

Apple Legacy Contact
Apple Legacy Contact

Intro to Apple Legacy Contact

It is a feature that enables you to choose a trusted person who can access your Apple account and data after you pass away. In our Asian culture, discussing death, especially post-death aspects like a legacy contact, may be considered taboo. However, it is crucial to avoid additional pain for the family and friends. Furthermore, I will personally share a real-life examples highlighting the importance of Apple legacy contact and how to set it up.

His family wish He had Apple Legacy Contact

A few years ago, a client I had known for a while suddenly passed away during a high-intensity sports game. His family reached out to me, requesting assistance in unlocking his iPhone, iPad and MacBook. They contained important business documents and family photos. Anyone familiar with Apple devices knows that hacking into them is nearly impossible. Apple places a strong emphasis on password protection and privacy, making it impossible to hack Apple devices.

I later discovered that the family had attempted various methods, including visiting Apple offices, but they received no assistance and eventually sought help from hackers. This story itself serves as a compelling reason why setting up a Legacy Contact for your Apple devices is essential!

How Apple Legacy Contact Work

This feature simplifies access to your personal data for family or friends in case of your death. With your death certificate, they will receives a unique code to unlock your Apple devices. The contact also gain access to your contact, calenders, iCloud, Heath, Mail, messages, photos, notes and Safari data, also the ability to remove Activation Lock from your devices.

How to Setup

Open the Settings app. Tap on your profile picture to get to your Apple ID settings. Then Password & Security. Tap on Legacy Contact then Add Legacy Contact. Authenticate with Face ID, Touch ID your password.

iPhone Settings
iPhone Settings Page
iPhone Settings. Password & Security
iPhone Settings. Legacy Contact
Add Legacy Contact
Add Legacy Contact

Tap the email or mobile phone number of the contact to select. After that:

Legacy Contact Added

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You can appoint multiple Legacy Contacts by following the same process as mentioned earlier. In case of death, click here (Apple Digital Legacy website) to begin the authentication process. 

Apple Legacy Site

How to Remove Someone from Your List

It’s okay to change your mind and remove people you’ve assigned as your legacy contact. How to remove them: Open Settings. Tap your name then Password & Security. Tap Legacy Contact and select the Legacy Contact you want to remove. Remove Contact and tap Remove Contact to confirm.

They won’t receive a notification of your decision thus the access key they received when you added them will no longer work.

Conclusion to Apple Legacy Contact

Besides securing your Apple ID, make sure you set up your Apple Legacy Contact to grant a trusted person access to your Apple account and data after your passing. Selecting a trusted person for this role is crucial, and remember to keep your access key and death certificate securely stored.

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