iPhone link with Windows 11 PC

iPhone link with Windows 11 PC

iPhone link with Windows 11 PC

Microsoft has updated its Phone Link app for Windows 11 to now support iPhones.

To use the updated Phone Link app:

  1. Updates in the Microsoft Store under “Library” and click the “Get updates” button. 
  2. Go to Settings > Bluetooth. On Windows 11, enable Bluetooth under Settings > Bluetooth & devices.
  3. Once both devices have Bluetooth enabled and the app is up to date, connect iPhone to Windows 11 using the Phone Link app.
Bluetooth pair between iPhone and Windows 11 device

Once the Phone Link app is updated, it will be able to seamlessly connect your iPhone to your Windows 11 desktop or laptop, able to send and receive messages from iMessage, make and receive calls and check notifications without having to pick up the phone. The integration is enabled through a Bluetooth connection between your iPhone and your Windows 11 device.

However, it’s important to note that there are some limitations. For example :

  • Not be able to send images or participate in group messages.
  • Phone Link app will only show the messages you sent or received from the application
  • No access to your conversation history.
  • No access to your photos. However, users can always use the Photos app, which offers iCloud Photos integration for Windows 11.

If users can’t find the option to connect their iPhone to their Windows 11 device, don’t worry. The feature is rolling out slowly, and it may take some time before it becomes available on your computer. Stay tuned and enjoy the seamless integration between iPhone and Windows 11.

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