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Apple Vision Pro

Introduction to Apple Vision Pro

Apple Vision Pro, a mixed reality headset from Apple, debuted on 5 June 2023, at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC).

It hit the shelves for public sale on 2 February 2024, in the United States.

As Apple’s inaugural spatial computer, Vision Pro seamlessly merges digital and physical worlds. Boasting a high-resolution display of 23 megapixels and custom Apple silicon, it promises lifelike experiences.

The Vision Pro’s design is groundbreaking, featuring a single piece of three-dimensionally formed laminated glass flowing into an aluminum alloy Light Seal. This design ensures a snug fit and blocks out stray light.

For interaction with spatial content, Vision Pro introduces a new input system controlled by users’ eyes, hands, and voice. Navigation is intuitive: users can browse, select, scroll, and dictate commands effortlessly.

EyeSight, a unique feature, fosters connectivity with others. Additionally, Vision Pro offers an all-new App Store, where users can explore a vast array of apps and content, including familiar iPhone and iPad apps optimized for seamless operation.

About Apple Vision Pro

Because Vision Pro has only been released in the United States and we’re in Malaysia, we’re unable to get our hands on it. Therefore, we can’t provide detailed reviews at the moment.

However, we do have three videos from a fantastic tech reviewer that we think you should watch about the Vision Pro. In case you’re not familiar, his name is Marques Brownlee. With 18.1 million followers on YouTube, his reviews are pretty awesome and definitely worth watching.

What We Think About It

Priced at 3500 US Dollars, this device costs nearly RM16,000.00. We believe this device holds much potential, but it may take years before it becomes mainstream and usable in our daily lives.

If you’re criticizing it due to its price and other issues, consider when Apple launched the iPhone, iPad, and AirPods. All of them have become huge successes, contributing to Apple’s status as a three trillion dollar company today.

What We Think Apple Vision Pro Can Do

Apple didn’t pioneer this device, but boy, this trillion-dollar company sure knows how to market things!

In fact, if you’re dating or married to an app developer or UX/UI professional, brace yourself for lonely days head! Cancelled holiday plans and date nights are on the horizon. The new product category will keep everyone busy, competing to become the number one app on Vision Pro.

We’ll likely see competitors like Google, Microsoft, and Meta releasing their versions of virtual reality devices soon. They’ll probably claim theirs is better than Apple’s. But why compare with Apple? Because Apple leads the pack, so claiming superiority over Apple becomes a thing.

Many businesses may either love or hate Apple for pushing Vision Pro. Let’s discuss the “hate” first.

Airline: People may fly less if they can easily meet and see each other on Vision Pro. There will be no need to fly specifically for meetings anymore! Business meetings, consultations, hiring, and even firing can take place on Vision Pro.

Amusement Park: Forget waiting in queues for rides, buying priority lane passes, or waiting to take photos with your favourite mascot. Thus Vision Pro will solve those issues in a heartbeat. Big amusement park operators better start collaborating with Apple for branding deals.

Education: Physical attendance in classes may become unnecessary! With Vision Pro nonetheless I can attend class comfortably from my bed. I can see my teachers and friends, and it’s the same as being there in person, right?

This applies to conventions, meetings, seminars, or any events involving people gathering together.

Parks, outdoor activities, or anything requiring physical exertion: Why go out when I can bring the outdoors indoors with Vision Pro? It’s nice to enjoy the air conditioning while virtually walking in the park.

Religious: You can attend church or any religious ceremony by wearing Vision Pro. There’s no need to be physically present anymore, right?

Movie theatres: Do we still need to go there? In the Apple keynote, they described how you can adjust the screen size to your liking, accompanied by amazing sounds. Watching a movie with your family and friends? Everyone can get a Vision Pro since it’s for long-term usage. Unlike in movie theatres, if you have to go to the washroom, that’s it.

Shopping: Malls may soon close as operators collaborate with Apple to create the fanciest virtual shopping experience. Buy whatever you like virtually, and it will be delivered to you. You can even shop with your family and friends, all wearing Vision Pro at the same time.

Travel industry: Do you still need to endure long flights, expensive transit, and hotel stays just to be somewhere and see something? Vision Pro will solve all these problems. Wherever you want to go can be instantly shown to you on Vision Pro. Take note, Elon Musk, Apple might bring us to Mars faster than you!

Now, let’s look at the positives that Vision Pro could bring.

Advertisers: If you’re currently lagging in the social media game, don’t worry. Shift your focus to creating awesome ads (creativity) for VR devices. This is the new trend, you know?

Buying a car or property: Save the trouble of visiting showrooms. Now you can clearly see the interior and exterior of the car or house you plan to buy, with no one rushing you or blocking your view.

Celebrities: Want to sing along, dance, or meet your favourite celebrities? Just pay a small fee for a meet and greet, and there you go! I can smell a lot of branding deals coming soon.

Dreaming: Now, you can live in your dream fantasy.

Learning a skill: Want to learn a new skill? Choose any class you want, and the demo will be shown to you so you can practice it on the spot with your hands.

LDR: Missing someone? Turn on your Vision Pro, and now you can see them whenever you want and interact as much as you want.

Meetings: Never be late to a meeting again by eliminating the inconvenience of waiting for a ride and saving time on travelling to the meeting venue.

Memory: Miss someone who has passed on? Relive the memory. Vision Pro might allow you to interact with them and feel like they never left.

Sports: How about the front row or grandstand seats to all your favourite sports? You’ll never miss a moment. Watch the game from any angle and maybe even experience it from the player’s point of view.

Visiting: Need to visit an ageing friend or sick relative but can’t find the time? Vision Pro will solve that issue by bringing you there in an instant!

Lastly, the grey or dark industry, (gambling and xxx). They will exploit this technology to the maximum for entertainment and profit.

I guess it’s time to embrace this technology or face obsolescence?

This reminds me of the hype surrounding the iPhone 4 when it hit Malaysia. At that time, many people were sceptical about typing on a screen and believed they could type faster on their Blackberry keypad.

Conclusion on Apple Vision Pro

We anticipate that in the future, Apple will release a more affordable version, such as the Vision or Vision Air model, making it accessible to everyone.

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