Exclusive Reasons Why Touch Bar Was Removed from MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro Touch Bar
MacBook Pro Touch Bar

Intro to MacBook Pro Touch Bar

In 2016, Apple introduced the Touch Bar on specific MacBook Pro models. Subsequently replacing the conventional row of function keys with a narrow OLED touchscreen above the keyboard. This feature aimed to offer touch-based controls and tailored shortcuts for various applications and system functions. Users could tap or swipe to access different functions and controls hence the interface changed based on the active app or task.

MacBook Pro Touch Bar function

Contextual shortcuts

It can show relevant shortcuts for diverse app tasks like email actions, image editing and using the calculator.


Within Mac’s System Preferences, adjust its settings. For example: adding or removing buttons, reordering them and personalizing the Control Strip.

Tap, swipe, and slide

Employ touch gestures to modify brightness, volume, summon Siri, access function keys and more, tailored to your active app.

Why MacBook Pro Touch Bar was Removed

Users face difficulty navigating the Touch Bar by touch. Adjusting screen brightness and speaker volume takes more time using the Touch Bar compared to a traditional keyboard. It demands users to divert their attention from the screen to look at them to set it accurately. Additionally, there are other reasons behind its removal:

1️⃣ The Touch Bar reportedly shortened the battery life furthermore offering functions minimally useful in enhancing user productivity.

2️⃣ The Touch Bar offered limited usefulness as it wasn’t optimized for all apps thus often regarded as a gimmick by some users. Repairing this additional feature, if it malfunctions, incurs notably high costs. For example, if your Mac warranty has expired and you request a quote at the official service centre, you might receive a quote for a complete bottom casing replacement costing thousands of ringgit. Even at a third-party repair centre like ours, the repair cost could amount to a few hundred ringgit.

3️⃣ Apple rarely promoted the Touch Bar beyond its initial launch in 2016 and the absence of third-party app support diminished its potential. Moreover, Apple didn’t significantly improve the Touch Bar functions post-release. This lack of advancement rendered it an unimportant tool for professional users, earning it the label of being a fairly useless feature.

4️⃣ Finally, Apple received feedback from numerous users and reviewers who favoured the full-height function row on the standalone Magic Keyboard. The majority wanted a keyboard with physical keys, over the Touch Bar.

Pro Tip (Fun)

However, if you currently have a functional MacBook Pro with a Touch Bar, here are some (cute) enjoyable games you can play on it!

Pac-Bar: This game adapts Pac-Man specifically for the Touch Bar, featuring a long horizontal tube with a few vertical shortcuts. Your objective is to avoid getting caught and eaten by the ghost.

TouchBarDino: This game presents a version of the Chrome dinosaur game. A hidden feature in Google’s Chrome browser when there’s no internet connection. You can play by starting the game and tapping the Touch Bar to initiate your little dinosaur’s run. Continue tapping to help it jump over each approaching cactus.

TouchBarPong: This game provides a modern adaptation of the classic Atari Pong game, right on your Touch Bar. You can control your paddle using the Touch Bar or the arrow keys.

Touch Bar Gopher: This game transforms the Touch Bar into a “Whack-a-gopher” game. Your aim is to strike the gophers as they emerge from their holes.

Touch Bar Space Fight: A straightforward and enjoyable game designed for the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar. Take command of a spaceship, aiming to shoot down enemy ships while skillfully evading their fire.

Conclusion to MacBook Pro Touch Bar

To sum up, the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro faced criticism due to usability challenges, restricted functionality, inadequate promotion and support, the preference for physical keys, and battery life concerns.

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