Ultimate Alternate MacBook On and Off Problem Checking Guide

MacBook On-Off . Press Power Button
MacBook On and Off Problem . Power Button

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Intro to MacBook On and Off Problem

If your MacBook repeatedly powers on and off, you can try various fixes. We’ll share them shortly and also explain why a technician’s diagnosis may require more time.

DIY Alternate MacBook Power On and Off Issue

First, check the power adapter

Also known as the MagSafe power adapter, is working. You can borrow one from friends or family to test it. If it doesn’t work, visit our office and we will assist you in testing and troubleshooting. Discover which power adapter your Mac is using here.

Second, attempt to reset the SMC and PRAM

The System Management Controller (SMC) is a chip found in Intel-based Mac computers. It handles essential functions such as responding to the power button, managing battery power and controlling the fans. Resetting the SMC can resolve issues related to power management likewise battery charging and other hardware-related problems.

PRAM, short for Parameter RAM, is a small, battery-backed memory component in every Mac. It stores crucial information that the computer requires before loading the operating system. NVRAM (nonvolatile random-access memory) serves a similar purpose in modern Macs thus replacing PRAM. Moreover, the settings stored in PRAM or NVRAM encompass sound volume, display resolution, startup disk selection, time zone and recent kernel panic information.

If you have a Mac with an M1, M2, or other silicon processor, there is no SMC controller to reset. You can find more information on how to reset them here.

Third and last, hold the power button

If your Mac is unresponsive, you can perform a power cycle to force a restart by cutting off the power.

On a MacBook, press and hold the power key for ten seconds. Wait for ten seconds, then restart and hopefully, the Mac will start.

While for iMacs, unplug it and keep it unplugged for at least ten seconds. After that, plug it back in and try to start it.

On M1, M2 and other M series Macs, press and hold the Power button until you see ‘Loading startup options,’ assuming your Mac is functioning properly.

Seeking Assistance for MacBook On and Off Issue

If you choose to visit an office service centre and they identify a logic board issue, they will provide a quote for logic board replacement. If your Mac model is considered obsolete by Apple, they will decline the repair and you will need to seek a third-party technician. For more information on current service availability and obsolete models at the official service centre, click here.

Apple Obsolete Products

Third-party technician

For third-party repairs, the process can be time-consuming because intermittent issues require thorough testing. Many times, when we test a Mac with intermittent problems, no issue is apparent.

For instance, a recent client had a MacBook Pro 2019 that wouldn’t turn on. However, when she brought it to our office, it worked fine. We tested it extensively, checking all components, including the logic board and connectors, which all appeared to be in working order. We returned the MacBook to the client, but she soon encountered the same issue again.

This cycle of testing and checking repeated several times until the sixth time when we finally identified a minor issue with the processor’s voltage flow, which occurred intermittently, about once a month. This is why it took us a while to pinpoint the problem.

Our point is, that solving intermittent issues can be time-consuming because if the problem doesn’t appear during our checks and tests, we can’t identify it and there’s nothing to repair or replace.

Conclusion to MacBook On and Off Problem

If you’re facing problems with your MacBook intermittently turning on and off, it’s crucial to find a reputable Mac repair service to ensure a proper fix. Avoid sending it to just any computer shop, as inexperienced technicians could potentially cause further damage.

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