Mac USB Port Problem: Understand Why It Can Happen and Solutions

Mac USB Port

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Intro to Mac USB Port Problem

Detecting problems with your Mac USB ports can be quite straightforward. If you notice that your Mac fails to recognize a plugged-in USB charger or device hence this may indicate an issue with the port itself.

First, check the port for any dirt or tiny debris obstructing its functionality. Second, try to reset your Mac SMC and PRAM controllers. You can locate instructions on how to perform these resets here.

Still not able to function, why?

These two factors could result in your Mac’s USB port failing to detect devices. The first is the possibility of a damaged USB port itself, while the second pertains to problems on the logic board side (motherboard). In the logic board case, issues with the USB power controller and signal flow may be at play.

Mac USB Port Burnt

USB-C Port on a MacBook. The right port got burnt mark.

Mac Logic Board

MacBook Logic Board Chipset

Solution to USB Port and Logic Board Issue

If the problem concerns the port hence the solution entails a straightforward replacement. However, if the issue is tied to the logic board side, it requires tracing, checks and diagnoses to determine and find the damaged chip or power line. Once we identify the problem on the logic board side, we will provide a repair quotation.

These are the schematic drawings we use as references while performing repairs on the logic board side.

USB Port Power Switch Schematic
Mac Logic Board Schematic
Mac Logic Board Schematic
MacBook Logic Board Schematic

Pro Tip

If you visit an authorized service centre, they will provide you with a quote for a new logic board replacement. This is because the logic board integrates the USB ports and the service centre does not do any kind of repairs on them. Consequently, they will suggest replacing the entire board, which can result in substantial costs.

How to Protect Your Mac USB Port

1️⃣ Ensure that your USB device is of good quality, as unstable voltage can potentially harm and damage the port.

2️⃣ When you’re not actively using your USB device, make sure to safely eject it from your Mac. This practice prevents any unnecessary power draw from the port, contributing to prolonging the longevity of both your Mac and the connected device.

3️⃣ When you use a USB cable to charge your MacBook, it is important to ensure that both the charging block and the USB cable are in good condition. This precaution is necessary as any damage to them could potentially lead to the delivery of harmful voltage that might cause damage to your Mac.

4️⃣ If you opt to use a third-party charging block or USB cable, please be cautious regarding their voltage output. Certain MacBook models support fast charging up to 100W via USB-C, exceeding this W limit could pose a risk. To gain further insights into fast charging for your MacBook, you can find additional information by clicking here.

5️⃣ If you are currently using or considering the use of a USB hub due to port availability constraints, it’s advisable to invest in a reputable and branded option. Higher-quality hubs typically offer superior voltage control, effectively safeguarding both your MacBook and its USB port from potential damage. Opting for a low quality USB hub might lead to bad effects and potential harm to your Mac.

Anker USB Hub

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Turnaround Time

The timeframe could range from a same-day solution to up to three days, depending on the situation. However, if the USB ports have been damaged due to water spillage, the process might extend further due to the necessity for more thorough checks and diagnoses.


When dealing with third-party places, it’s advisable to inquire about the type of warranty they offer.

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