Apple Says My Mac is Vintage (Obsolete), What Now?

Apple Vintage Mac

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Intro to What is Apple Vintage Mac

A vintage (obsolete) Mac refers to older Apple Macintosh computers that Apple no longer produces or sells. The term “vintage” applies to Macs that are over 5 to 7 years old and are no longer available for sale or repair through Apple, its dealers, distributors and service centre.

Is Your Mac Vintage? How to Check

First, identify the year of manufacture to determine if your Mac is listed as vintage by Apple.

Click on Apple logo on top left of the screen and select About This Mac
Details about this MacBook Air M1

Then cross-reference it with the vintage list here.

Apple Mac Vintage List

Image source from Apple Support

My Mac is on the List: What Does It Mean?

To determine whether your Mac is on Apple’s vintage list, you can identify its manufacturing year. As mentioned in the introduction, the term “vintage” pertains to Macs aged 5 to 7 years or more hence which are no longer available for sale or official repair through Apple, its dealers, distributors or service centres.

Rest assured in fact your Mac remains perfectly usable; there’s no need to panic or rush into purchasing a new one. You can still receive software and security updates from Apple.

Should Apple cease or limit updates for your Mac nonetheless there’s an alternative solution. You can manually update your Mac and bypass these restrictions using the OpenCore Legacy Patcher. This involves erasing your hard drive, installing the patcher and then proceeding with the latest macOS installation.

Should you have an interest in repairing or servicing your vintage Mac, you can opt for a third-party repair provider such as us thus we still extend support to Mac models dating back to 2008.

How Frequently Does Apple Update the Vintage Mac List?

The list usually receives updates after Apple announces a new series of Mac models, typically occurring every 1 to 1.5 years. These new models are often unveiled during Apple events or the annual Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) held in June each year.

Pro Tip

When considering the purchase of a used (pre-loved) Mac, it’s crucial to examine its year of manufacture and your intended usage. For light tasks like internet browsing, movie watching or simple documentation, there usually aren’t significant concerns.

However, if your purpose involves heavy work such as audio and video editing, ensure that the Mac you’re buying possesses the necessary hardware capabilities to support such demands.

For a comprehensive understanding of what factors to consider before purchasing a new Mac, explore this article where we provide valuable insights to assist you in making the best decision.

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