The Ultimate Guide: How to Safeguard Your Mac Screen

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Intro to why you need to safeguard your Mac screen

Replacing MacBook and iMac screens can be quite expensive, so it’s important to take precautions to safeguard your Mac screen and protect them and avoid damage. Currently, a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro screen replacement can cost around RM2000, while an iMac with a 27-inch 5K resolution screen may be even more expensive.

Why are they so expensive?

The high-quality displays and advanced technologies found in Mac screens, such as Retina displays, True Tone and P3 wide colour gamut require specialized components and manufacturing processes and these factors contribute to the increased expense of replacement screens.

Furthermore, Apple meticulously designs its MacBook and iMac screens to integrate seamlessly with other components like the logic board and hinges. As a result, the replacement procedure becomes more detail and time-consuming which demands really skilled technicians and specialized tools.

Tips to safeguard your Mac screen

1️⃣ Advisable to refrain from touching it with your fingers, pen or any sharp objects because such actions can result in unsightly fingerprints, blurred marks or even scratches.

2️⃣ To clean the screen effectively, use a soft, lint-free cloth (preferably microfiber) to gently wipe away dust, smudges and fingerprints. It is important to avoid using paper towels or rough fabrics that could potentially harm and scratch the screen.

3️⃣ If there are stubborn marks on the screen, a mild cleaning solution can be used. To create the solution, mix equal parts of distilled water and isopropyl alcohol (70% concentration or less) in a spray bottle. Next, dampen the cloth slightly with the solution and proceed to gently wipe the screen. It is important to avoid spraying the solution directly on the screen to prevent any potential damage.

4️⃣ Very important to refrain from using harsh chemicals, solvents or ammonia-based cleaners on the screen, as they can cause damage to the protective coating layer. Likewise, it is advisable to avoid using abrasive materials like rough sponges or paper towels.

5️⃣ Before closing the lid of your MacBook screen, make sure to check that the keyboard and trackpad are clear of any objects such as earrings, rings or paperclips. These items have the potential to cause cracks or scratches on the screen.

6️⃣ It is advisable to refrain from using screen protectors on your Mac screen because when removing it, the adhesive residue can potentially leave stains on the screen. Additionally, it is important to avoid using low-quality plastic keyboard protectors, as they can also cause staining on the screen.

Keyboard Protector

Pro Tip 1

When transporting your MacBook, use a laptop bag or backpack that offers cushioning and protection. However, it is important to avoid using low-quality plastic casings that provide no effective protection and may even damage the MacBook’s body with their sharp edges.

Pro Tip 2

Avoid eating and drinking near your MacBook or iMac, as food droppings or spills can potentially dirty the screen. Not only is this unhygienic, but stains caused by such incidents can also be difficult to remove.


Is screen repair possible?

Unfortunately, no. In the event of any damage to the screen, the only solution would be to replace it.

Does this imply that all screen issues necessitate replacement?

Not necessarily. In special cases where the screen connector or port is damaged, repairs can be performed.

What is the typical duration for screen replacement?

With ready stock available, the process generally takes around 1-2 days, including general servicing, checking, and testing.

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