Discover the Exclusive Possibilities of MacBook Screen Repair (Change): Important Facts You Need to Know

Apple Screen Crack. Change MacBook Screen

Intro to the Feasibility of Repairing a MacBook Screen or Change it

When the MacBook screen has an issue, many individuals often wonder whether the screen can undergo a repair or if a replacement is necessary. Before delving into the specifics, let’s first examine the distinction between repairing and change MacBook screen.

Repair MacBook Screen

To repair a MacBook screen, technicians address particular issues or damages that the existing screen has happened. This process encompasses tasks such as replacing cracked glass, replacing malfunctioning backlights or repairing damaged LCD panels. Opting for a screen repair is usually more cheaper when compared with a complete replacement.

Change MacBook Screen

Screen replacement means completely swapping out the old screen for a new one. This becomes necessary when the screen is seriously damaged, not working or cannot be fixed. The replacement process involves taking out the old screen, putting in a new one and making sure everything works correctly. The cost of replacing the screen can vary depending on the MacBook’s model and how old it is.

Should you Repair or Change

Remember, the choice between repair and change depends on how severely the MacBook screen is damaged and the advice provided by technicians. To ensure the right decision, it’s wise to consult with skilled and experienced Mac professionals or visit an authorized service centre. By doing so, you can accurately assess the screen issue and make an informed choice tailored to your individual circumstances.

Pro Tip

If your Mac still has AppleCare+ coverage and you, as the user, have caused physical damage to the Mac screen, you can visit an authorized service centre. There, you will only need to pay the Service Fee and the Labour Fee. They will proceed to replace the screen for you.

For the standard one-year warranty coverage and AppleCare, you will need to pay the full price for the screen replacement.

To verify whether your Mac is still under the standard one-year warranty, AppleCare or AppleCare+, simply locate your Mac’s serial number and visit the Apple coverage website for a quick check.

What does MacBook Screen Damage Look Like?

MacBook Screen Problem 1
MacBook Screen Problem 2
MacBook Screen Problem 3
MacBook Screen Problem 4

Image source from ifixapple

What could cause a MacBook screen to spoil?

Debris / Foreign Object

Debris can crack a MacBook screen by exerting pressure and friction on its delicate surface. Even tiny particles like dirt or grit, when caught between the screen and the keyboard upon closing the Mac, can generate considerable force. As you carry or move the Mac, this force creates pressure points on the screen, which eventually leads to stress fractures or cracks. Additionally, since the screen is made of glass, it is susceptible to these pressure points. Thus, it’s crucial to maintain a clean laptop devoid of debris to prevent inadvertent screen damage.

Do not use a camera cover, as its thickness could lead to screen cracking when closing the Mac screen. Also, we highly discourage using a screen protector. Even if you are using the highest quality screen protector, removing it might pull out the screen’s coating, potentially causing permanent damage.

Webcam camera cover

We notice another habit wherein individuals place their earrings and EarPods on their MacBook keyboard. This practice is quite risky, as forgetting to remove these items before closing the MacBook screen can definitely lead to screen cracking.

Manufacturing Defects

Certain MacBook models have encountered manufacturing defects. Among these issues, one prevalent concern is the Flexgate problem found in some MacBook Pro models from 2016 to 2019. These models have display-related problems stemming from a fragile flex cable connecting the display to the logic board. This cable, often inadequately positioned around the display controller board, can tear over time, resulting in uneven backlighting or impaired backlight functionality.

Another matter is the “dustgate issue,” which also affects MacBook Pro models produced between 2016 and 2019. The accumulation of dust and debris can lead to immediate cracks and damage to the display. Furthermore, the Flexgate issue, originating from a design imperfection in the display ribbon cable, can likewise contribute to display deterioration. Adding to this, physical damage such as pressure-related harm or cracks at contact points can also be responsible for causing screen damage

Physical Damage

This refers to any damage or impairment that takes place in the Mac as a result of a physical force, impact or external action initiated by the user. This can arise from accidental drops, hits, knocks and external pressure applied to the Mac.

Tear & Wear

Continuous wear and tear can gradually lead to damage to the MacBook screen. Actions like opening and closing the lid, moving it around and applying pressure during transportation subject the screen to stress. This stress can cause small cracks to develop, impacting the screen’s structural strength. Additionally, repeated friction and contact with surfaces might result in scratches, which can reduce the screen’s clarity and overall quality. Consequently, the effects of wear and tear gradually affect the MacBook screen, resulting in various types of damage that can influence both its performance and appearance.

Conclusion to Repairing a MacBook Screen or Changing It

The screen of a MacBook is expensive hardware, careful usage is crucial in saving money in the long run. Another factor to note is the potential for water damage to the MacBook screen, so it is important to always keep water away from your MacBook.

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