Learn How to Maximize Your Mac User Experience and Avoid Mac Costly Repair

MacBook Air with hammer aiming at it properly from bad user experience


Recently, we have noticed a significant increase in the number of people purchasing new Macs for various reasons such as study, work or simply because their friends or colleagues own one and it seems cool to have. Congratulation on your new Mac purchase we hope our guide will be useful to you maximize your Mac user experience while avoiding Mac costly repair that you may not be aware of.

Mastering Keyboard Shortcuts

This will allow you to perform various tasks quickly while impressing others with your expertise in these keyboard shortcuts:

1️⃣ Use Search with Spotlight on Mac

MacBook Air keyboard with the Command key and Spacebar highlighted in pink

Hold Command and press Spacebar

Spotlight Search in macOS

It is very useful because it can find applications, documents, files, emails and other items easily including performing math calculations and (currency, measurement, temperature) conversions.

2️⃣ Take ScreenShots on macOS Ventura

Screenshots Icon in macOS

There is a range of keyboard shortcuts to capture screen images and save them directly to the Desktop.

Source from: Apple Support User Guide

Protective Case

UAG PLYO MacBook Protective Case

Image source from

We strongly advise against using low-quality protective cases for your MacBook, as they can potentially cause more harm than good but we understand that some felt it is necessary to use a case so we are recommending this branded and high-quality case.

This is the Urban Armor Gear case with features:
1️⃣ Rugged design.
2️⃣ Honeycomb pattern, armour shell and impact-resistant soft core.
3️⃣ Bumpers to safeguard the edges of your MacBook.
4️⃣ Meets military drop-test standards (MIL STD 810G 516.6) for enhanced durability.
5️⃣ Easily snaps for simple installation.
6️⃣ Rubberized feet at the bottom to prevent it from slipping.

Why Mac costly repair?

Whether you use a protective case or not, it is crucial to prevent your Mac from being dropped or coming into contact with hard objects because replacing a screen is very costly. Anyone that requires a screen replacement for your Mac can contact us for a price quote and we will do our best to assist you while ensuring a speedy replacement process.

Do Not Wrap Your Charger Cable

MacBook charger cable wrap very tight

Image source from

Tightly wrapping the cable causes the natural coil to be forced resulting in twisting inside the insulation and this goes against the cable’s natural shape when it is twisted in a direction perpendicular and will lead to potential damage and compromised performance.

Image source from

Charger is considered Mac costly repair?

Purchasing a new MagSafe charger can be expensive and this problem is totally avoidable.

Don’t Allow Website To Send Push Notification

Image source from

Only allow push notifications from websites that you are absolutely certain of because many websites utilize push notifications for advertising purposes, including unlawful and annoying messages.

MacBook Pro with many Push Notifications

Image source from

Why this could cause Mac costly repair?

They might have the capability to spy on sensitive data which can lead to significant data loss and professional data recovery service is very expensive and time-consuming so it is best to always have your data back externally or using a cloud service.

Avoid Eating or Drinking Near Your Mac

Image source from The Wall Street Journal

Why you should avoid eating or drinking near your Mac

Accidental spills can happen easily while eating or drinking and even a small amount of water can seep into the keyboard and cause damage or worst come into contact with the internal components of your Mac can cause corrosion and electrical damage to the logic board and because food particles can easily get trapped in between keyboard keys and lead to sticky or unresponsive which will be unpleasant to use.

Common Mac Costly Repair

Damage to Mac caused by food and drinks is considered the user’s physical damage and Apple Malaysia or their authorized retailers will immediately void any warranty and parts replacement will be billed accordingly.

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