Revealing the Strangest Mac Problems We Have Ever Seen

MacBook Pro Trackpad Cursor moving autonomously


Revealing the Strangest Mac Problems We Have Ever Seen: Part 1. With over 15 years of experience in repairing Apple computers, we have encountered numerous strange Mac problems and even encountered a few that were unsolvable. We will be discussing some of these strangest cases (check strange Mac problem) with the aim to provide some insights that might assist you if you ever come across similar issues with your Mac.

Case 1: MacBook Air Will Strangely Restart Itself

Strange Mac Problem MacBook Air keep restart

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One of our customers approached us with an issue regarding her MacBook Air and she explained to us that her Mac would unexpectedly restart itself when she is just checking emails, watching videos or simply browsing e-commerce websites and the Mac would suddenly restart without any warning.


Apple MacBook Air 13-inch Year 2015

Check Strange Mac Problem

Our first step is to check the macOS and all applications to identify any bugs or issues and after that proceed to check all the hardware including the logic board.

We simulated the tasks that the client frequently performs and conducted stress tests but everything is normal. We updated the client on the result she told us to take our time and continued testing for a week during which no restarts occurred.

After we returned the Mac to the client and a few hours later the client reached out and informed us the Mac restarted so immediately we went and collect the Mac for testing, again after one week of testing there is no issue on our side.

What’s next

After an additional week of testing without any restart issues, we asked the client’s permission to visit her house as we suspect there might be something unusual where she places the MacBook.

Upon arrival, we noticed that the MagSafe charger was connected to an old and dirty power extension and we advised to use another one but this time we witnessed the Mac restarted and it was plugged in.

This led us to suspect that an unstable power source, specifically the wall plug power point could be the culprit. We then suggested that the client consider using an AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) to ensure a consistent and stable voltage output, the result is no more intermediate restart.

Conclusion on Strange Mac Problem

Koss Automatic Voltage Regulator

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We highly recommend that you use an AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) for your Mac MagSafe charger and Mac power plug to ensure a consistent and stable voltage output by safeguarding the Mac from voltage fluctuations and providing a reliable power supply.

Case 2: Cursor on the MacBook Pro will move on its own

MacBook Pro Curcor

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This particular client complained about his MacBook Pro cursor (mouse) on the screen was moving autonomously even when he is not using it and to make matters worse the cursor was clicking around, triggering left and right clicks autonomously.


Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch Year 2019

Check Strange Mac Problem

After we pick up the Mac we conducted thorough testing and observed that the mouse cursor was functioning normally and did not encounter any instances of sudden or autonomous movement, nor any unexpected clicking and there was no water stain (spillage) to the trackpad connector cable or port.

Several hours of testing later we updated the client, assuring him that everything was functioning properly but the client was adamant that the trackpad was faulty and insisted on a replacement while expressing urgency in having the MacBook returned as soon as possible after we change the trackpad because he needs the MacBook for a project.

What’s next

We promptly obliged and replaced the trackpad while also conducting necessary servicing and testing procedures. Later that day, we sent the MacBook back to the client’s office but shortly after its return, the client contacted us to report that the issue persisted—the cursor was still moving and clicking autonomously.

I recall that day being a Friday and it was already 7:30pm with my colleagues having completed their work and left the office. I made the decision to visit the client’s office which is 30 minutes away with an explanation of what could cause it and several prepared scenarios in my mind.

Upon arriving I saw there was a USB dongle connected to the Mac using a USB-C to USB-A adapter and it was for a wireless mouse, we unplug that and the problem was solve but that USB port was damaged as well.

USB Dongle

Conclusion on Strange Mac Problem

It is advisable to avoid using low-quality USB devices when connecting external devices to your Mac.

Case 3: Spy on spouse’s MacBook

This is one of the most unusual and peculiar cases we have encountered with a client who approached us with their spouse’s MacBook and requested the installation of a tracking system with the intention to monitor the live location of their spouse and gain access to the files and data on the Mac.


Apple MacBook Air M2

Check Strange Mac Problem

We refrained from anything with the Mac as such an action would be in violation of the law of Personal Data Protection Act 2010 and can lead to serious consequences including a fine from RM100,000 to RM500,000 and/or imprisonment for a duration of 1 to 3 years.

Conclusion on Strange Mac Problem

We are not spies and we respect the privacy of others.

We will have Part 2 soon for you on revealing the strangest Mac problems we have ever seen.

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