Should You Constantly Charge Your MacBook? Unveiling the Truth

MacBook Pro charging with MagSafe Adapter. Constantly Charge MacBook.
MacBook Pro charging with MagSafe Adapter. Constantly Charge MacBook.

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Intro to Constantly Charge MacBook: Is it Bad or Beneficial?

Lithium-ion batteries, such as those found in your MacBook, are intricate technological components. Thankfully, leaving your MacBook plugged in (constantly charge MacBook) cannot cause overcharging, overheating or harm to other parts. However, keeping it plugged in constantly may potentially reduce the battery’s maximum charging (holding) capacity.

Consequently, if you choose to keep your MacBook connected to the charger at all times, you may observe a reduced battery life when you eventually opt to use it solely on battery power.

What is battery maximum (holding) capacity

The charging capacity of a MacBook battery represents the maximum amount of energy it can store when fully charged. It is usually measured in watt-hours (Wh) or milliampere-hours (mAh) and may vary depending on the specific MacBook model. The battery charging capacity directly determines the duration for which the MacBook can operate on battery power before requiring a recharge.

Coconut Battery app

By utilizing the free Coconut Battery app, we can observe the battery Design Capacity (indicated by the blue arrow) and the current Full Charge Capacity (indicated by the red arrow) of this 2020 MacBook Air M1. Design capacity essentially denotes the original capacity of the battery, which was 4382mAh. However, it has now deteriorated to a capacity of 4014mAh (Full charge capacity), resulting in a battery health of 91.6%.

Pro Tip 1

If a MacBook’s battery health falls below 70%, it is possible for the Mac to encounter intermittent shutdowns when not connected to the charger. In such cases, the only solution would be to replace the battery.

If you happen to observe a sudden decrease in battery percentage from 100% to 70% within a few seconds, it is advisable to download the Coconut Battery app to assess the battery’s health percentage.

Pro Tip 2

Many individuals mistakenly believe that a low battery cycle count automatically indicates a healthy battery, but this perception is incorrect. A low battery cycle count simply refers to the number of times a MacBook’s battery has undergone a complete charge from 0% to 100% or discharge from 100% to 0%.

However, it is important to note that if the MacBook remains consistently connected to the charger, it may exhibit a lower cycle count. However, age or external factors could significantly reduce the battery’s charge-holding capacity.

More info about contsantly charge MacBook

When your MacBook’s battery reaches 100% capacity, the Mac does not actively utilize it, leading to natural depreciation over time due to increased heat and strain from being charged to full capacity.

Apple has introduced the Optimize Battery Charging feature in macOS 11 Big Sur. This feature delays charging beyond 80% when your MacBook remains connected to power constantly and designed to learn your charging patterns. The feature intelligently times the charging cycle to maintain the battery level at around 80% until you require a full charge.

Optimized Battery Charging

In essence, it is not ideal to leave your MacBook’s battery at 100% for prolonged periods, but Apple’s battery feature can help mitigate this issue. If the feature is not functioning properly or if you are using an older macOS version that lacks this feature, it is advisable to perform a battery cycle drain and charge at least once a month.

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Conclusion to Constantly Charge MacBook: Is it Bad or Beneficial?

To ensure the long-term health of a MacBook battery, it’s not recommended to keep it constantly plugged in and charging.

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