Discovered why MacBook Pro speakers crack so easily and it’s solution

Exchanging MacBook Pro Speakers on 16-inch 2019

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Our observations indicate a higher susceptibility to damage in MacBook Pro speakers when compared to Air models or iMac. Notably, this trend is particularly prominent in Pro models manufactured between 2009 and 2015 and it is likely that this issue can be attributed to a design flaw or fault.

What could cause MacBook Pro Speakers to crack?

Physical damage

When a Mac is dropped or experiences a physical impact, it can damage the internal components, including the speakers because they rely on precise alignment and movement of their diaphragms to produce sound accurately. The diaphragm, a thin and flexible material within it, vibrates in response to electrical signals, generating sound waves.

A common issue where the diaphragms can crack or tear and you will hear crackling sounds as a result.

MacBook Pro speakers components

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Overloading the MacBook Pro speakers

Playing audio at extremely high volume levels or using software that increases the sound beyond the recommended limits can result in distortion and potential damage over time with the diaphragm overwork, leading to distorted sound.

Recommendations and Solutions for MacBook Pro Speakers

To ensure the longevity of your speakers by:

1️⃣ Control the volume and avoid playing audio at excessively high levels for extended periods, also be mindful of the equalizer settings or audio enhancement software you use.

2️⃣ Maintain cleanliness by regularly cleaning the speaker grilles.

3️⃣ Avoid exposing your MacBook Pro to liquids or moisture.

4️⃣ Exercise caution to prevent physical impacts or drops.

Pro Tip

To ensure the longevity of your MacBook Pro speakers, it is advisable to opt for speaker repair using specialized speaker repair glue instead of simply replacing them because by repairing the existing speakers with a suitable glue, you can address the issue directly without the risk of replacing them with speakers of similar quality that might potentially crack again.

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