Rosetta 2 – For Mac with M1 or M2 Processor

Rosetta 2 – For Mac with M1 or M2 Processor

Rosetta was first introduced in 2006 with the release of Mac OS X 10.4 to facilitate the transition from PowerPC-based Macs to Intel-based Macs.

Install Rosetta 2 - For Mac with M1 or M2 Processor

What is Rosetta 2?

Rosetta 2 – For Mac with M1 or M2 Processor, a Mac that runs on Apple silicon can now run apps that were originally built for a Mac with an Intel processor. It is available only for Mac computers with Apple silicon M1 and M2 processors.

How to use Rosetta 2?

  • This is not an app that requires user interaction.
  • It functions automatically in the background when using apps designed only for Macs with Intel processors.
  • It translates the app for use on Apple silicon-based systems.
  • Using an app that requires it should not result in any noticeable performance issues.
  • However, contacting the app’s developer for a version that can fully utilize Apple silicon’s power and performance is recommended.
Safari App Info. Selected to use Rosetta 2

Which apps need Rosetta 2?

To identify apps that need Rosetta 2

  1. Select an app in the Finder.
  2. From the File menu in the menu bar, choose Get Info.
  • Application (Intel) means the app supports only Intel processors and needs it to work on a Mac with Apple silicon.
  • Application (Universal) means the app supports both Apple silicon and Intel processors and uses Apple silicon by default. Universal apps don’t need use it.
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