Unlock is 8GB RAM Sufficient for M3 Processor MacBook Pro

M3 MacBook Pro 14 inch

Intro is 8GB RAM Sufficient for M3 Processor MacBook Pro

On 30 October 2023, Apple launched the M3 processor, available in the MacBook Pro 14-inch and 16-inch models. The standard base configuration of the MacBook Pro 14-inch still features 8GB of RAM. This led to discussions on whether 8GB is sufficient for a MacBook Pro in 2023.

Is 8GB RAM Sufficient for M3 Processor MacBook Pro?

The M3 MacBook Pro’s 8GB RAM suffices for everyday tasks such as paperwork and internet browsing, but it may fall short for more demanding workflows. Our suggestion is, if your usage is light, a MacBook Air with an M2 or even M1 processor having 8GB or 16GB of RAM is already powerful enough for simple tasks.

In a real-world test by Vadim Yuryev, co-host of the YouTube channel Max Tech, the 8GB model exhibited double-digit losses in Cinebench benchmarks. It also took several minutes longer for photo-merging in Photoshop and media exports in Final Cut and Adobe Lightroom Classic compared to the 16GB model. You can watch the video here:

Upon viewing the video, you’ll realize that 8GB of RAM falls short for heavy editing and rendering tasks. Therefore, consider customizing and upgrading your MacBook Pro at the time of purchase. Specifically, here are the current prices for upgrading to 18GB and 24GB:

Upgrade RAM Memory for MacBook Pro

Pro Tip

Opting for RAM customization and upgrading during the purchase is advisable as post-purchase upgrades can be costly due to expensive chipsets and the need for soldering work. If technicians attempt to solder the Mac for an upgrade, Apple voids the standard and Apple Care warranties for the MacBook.

Conclusion is 8GB RAM Sufficient for M3 Processor MacBook Pro

To illustrate, if your tasks are light opt for the M2 processor MacBook Air with 8GB RAM. Furthermore, if you tend to open numerous internet browser tabs, consider the 16GB model. However, if you are a designer, programmer, producer or videographer, invest in the MacBook Pro with high-capacity RAM, as much as your budget allows.

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