Insider Info: Is it better to repair an iPad screen crack or buy a new one?

iPad Screen Crack

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Intro to repair an iPad screen crack or buy a new one?

Apple currently offers four main iPad models: iPad, iPad Mini, iPad Air and iPad Pro. As portable devices, they are prone to accidental drops and knocks. If your device happens to be dropped and the iPad screen crack or spoiled, we will discuss the best steps to take in this situation.

Can an iPad screen be repaired?

No, it can’t. A cracked or damaged iPad screen can only be replaced (changed) with a new one. We’ve observed a couple of screen repair shops in KL that use a machine to assemble two pieces of third-party screens to mimic the iPad screen. The quality of these screens is very poor in terms of colour calibration hence appearing more yellowish. Their touch sensitivity is significantly off, making it not cost-effective to opt for such repairs.

Is it expensive to replace the iPad screen?

The cost of replacing an iPad screen is high because it involves specialized parts and manufacturing expenses. The screen is the largest and most complex hardware component in any iPad hence it’s the most costly to replace.

How much does an iPad screen replacement cost?

It depends on the iPad model, size and version likewise the latest models tend to be more expensive. Our advice is if the cost of the screen or any part replacement is three-quarters of a new iPad then buying a new one could be a better decision. Here are the prices for new and current iPad models:

iPad Models

Pro Tip

If there’s an issue with the iPad, and you just want the data back without repairing it, that’s not possible. Only a fully functioning iPad can access its data. So, it’s essential always to have your data backed up using iCloud. Currently, iCloud offers larger storage capacities like 6TB and 12TB for all your backup needs. To learn how to use iCloud for your backup, click here.

Turnaround Time Changing iPad Screen

Usually, this process takes between two days to two weeks, depending on the availability of parts.

Parts Quality and Difference

If you choose to replace your iPad screen at the official Service Centre, you can be certain that you’ll receive genuine replacement parts directly from the device manufacturer. These parts are designed to meet the original specifications. However, please note that if Apple has labeled certain models as obsolete or vintage, they cannot be repaired at the official Service Centre.

On the other hand, some third-party repair shops may offer both original and third-party (OEM) parts, which are usually cheaper but may have lower quality. Therefore, it’s crucial to check and inquire about the type of parts they use before making a decision.

Additionally, consider the warranty period. Official service centres typically provide a three-month warranty for any parts they replace, while the warranty period at third-party repair shops may vary.

Conclusion to repair an iPad screen crack or buy a new one?

Please note that any repair technician will need your passcode to test the screen’s functionality and sensitivity after they replace it. Therefore, always choose a reputable repair place for your iPad screen replacement.

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