How to Extend Your iPhone 15 Battery Life in iOS 17

iPhone Battery
iPhone Battery

Intro to Extend your iPhone 15 battery life in iOS 17

Shortly after the September 2023 release of the iPhone 15, reports emerged about overheating issues and rapid battery drain. Apple issued an official statement addressing the problem. In this guide, we’ll explore steps you can take to reduce your iPhone’s battery usage and potentially extend its daily life. By the way, you can click here to learn more about iOS 17.

Disable Haptic Keyboard Feedback

You will experience a slight vibration under your fingertips when pressing a key on the iPhone’s virtual keyboard. Keep in mind that these vibrations can drain your battery quickly, so turning this feature off might be a good idea.

iPhone Haptic Keyboard Feedback

Not Using iPhone Live Voicemail

This lets you view real-time transcriptions of voicemail messages from callers. You can even answer the call while the caller is leaving a voicemail if it’s urgent.

Open Settings. Go to Phone. Scroll until you find Live Voicemail and simply turn it off.

Live Voicemail

Turn Off Live Activities

Live Activities are exclusive to iOS on iPhone. This feature enables you to effortlessly monitor ongoing events or tasks in real time. It empowers you to display real-time information directly from your app thus making it incredibly easy for users to stay updated on ongoing events or tasks with just a quick glance.

Open Settings. Go to Face ID & Passcode. Scroll down until you find Live Activities and simply turn it off.

iPhone Live Activities

Use Apple Offline Maps

It’s particularly handy when you don’t have a telco line coverage. So, if you are travelling to a rural area, downloading the map for that place and turning off your cellular connection can help conserve your iPhone’s battery.

Open Apple Maps. In the search bar at the bottom, enter the location or area you want to save for offline use. Swipe up from the bottom for more options. Look for the “Download Offline Map” or a similar option and tap it. The map for the selected area will start downloading to your iPhone. Once downloaded, you can access it anytime without needing a connection. Simply tap on your profile picture and select Offline Maps.

Apple Maps

Not using Standby Mode

StandBy Mode in iOS 17 activates when your iPhone is idle while charging in landscape mode. This feature is useful as it allows you to view multiple widgets and use Photo backgrounds or dedicated full-sized clocks, depending on your preference.

Widgets can display information side by side and switch between different options based on the latest updates. However, StandBy mode can be distracting when you’re working or sleeping. In such cases, you might want to disable Standby Mode.

Open Settings. Go to Standby and turn it off.

iPhone Stanby Mode

Determining App Location Access

Limiting which apps can access your location and how frequently they can do so can extend your battery life. The Always permission allows an app to access your location continuously, even when it’s not in use. This can significantly drain your battery and should be kept for essential apps.

Go to Settings. Privacy & Security. Location Service. Individual app location access can be set here.

Skip Using Widgets

If you don’t use Widgets and don’t find them useful hence avoid adding or using them on your lock screen. It might not make a big difference, but as we always say, every little bit counts.

iPhone Widgets

Enable More Focus Mode

Apple’s built-in Focus option can reduce the number of notifications you receive throughout the day. Fewer notifications mean less chance for apps to activate your iPhone display and drain your battery.

Focus modes allow you to select which apps and contacts can send you notifications and when. For example, during work hours, you can receive only work-related notifications. While during personal time, you can limit work-related ones. You can also restrict notifications while driving, sleeping and exercising.

iOS Focus Mode

Use Low Power Mode

Low Power Mode reduces iPhone power usage when the battery is low. It optimizes performance for essential tasks like calls, emails, and internet access. You can activate it when you’re low on battery or want to extend battery life.

Go to Settings, Battery and you can turn it on or off there.

iPhone Low Power Mode

Which App Is Draining Your iPhone Battery

If you’re curious about whether the app you commonly use is draining your battery a lot, you can check it in Settings. Tap on Battery, then scroll down, and you should see ‘Battery Usage by App.’ The most power-consuming app will be at the number 1 rank. You can even tap on ‘Show Activity’ to see how long you’ve been on those apps.

iPhone Battery Usage

Conclusion to Extend your iPhone 15 battery life in iOS 17

It’s essential to understand that not all of these tips and tricks will work for everyone. Some may involve a trade-off between battery life and functionality. We suggest trying out these tips and finding the right balance that suits your needs.

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