Choosing the Right Apple Pencil: Your Ultimate Guide

Apple Pencil
Apple Pencil

Intro to Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil is a pen for iPads, including iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad mini. It’s handy for drawing, writing, and moving around on your iPad.

Features of Apple Pencil

Drawing and Writing

You can draw and write in apps like Notes. With iPadOS you can move or hide the tool palette. Drawing near the screen’s edge won’t activate other features thus letting you draw freely.

Handwriting Recognition

In iOS 14 and later, you can write in any text field, and the iPad turns it into text. You can even use handwritten phone numbers, dates, or addresses as if you typed them.

Hover Functionality

The 2nd-gen Apple Pencil offers hover support hence allowing for more precise marking and drawing. iPad Pro 11-inch (4th gen) and iPad Pro 12.9-inch (6th gen) can sense your Apple Pencil’s position up to 12 mm above the display.

Apple Pencil Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks to enhance your usage experience:

Achieve Perfect Shading: Tilt the pencil to shade while drawing or sketching. It also responds to pressure, so you can darken or lighten the stroke accordingly.

Draw Perfect Shapes: Use the ruler tool in the Notes app to draw straight lines and perfect shapes. You can also use the Procreate app to create custom shapes.

Use Markup to Draw a Straight Line: In the Markup feature, tap the ruler icon to access the straight line tool. Hold the pencil on the screen to draw a straight line.

Trace Drawings: Place a piece of paper over your iPad screen and trace a drawing with your pencil. This is a great way to digitize your sketches.

Use Only Draw: In settings, toggle on Only Draw with Apple Pencil to take palm rejection to the next level and draw exclusively with your Pencil.

Manage Battery Efficiently: To save battery life, turn off Bluetooth when you’re not using it.

Use Scribble: With iOS 14 and later, you can use Scribble to write in any text field with your Apple Pencil. The iPad can recognize your handwriting and convert it into text.

Double-Tap to Switch Tools: Double-tap the flat side of the second-generation Pencil near the nib to switch between the current tool and the eraser.

Use Gestures: With iPadOS, you can use gestures with your Pencil to perform various actions. For example, swipe up from the bottom of the screen with your Pencil to go to the Home screen

Pro Tip 1

Change Apple Pencil Tips: Heavy users are advised to change the tip within 6 months specifically If the tip feels rough while writing or sketching, it’s time to replace it.

Pro Tip 2

If you face problems with your Apple Pencil, for example: it not working in apps or not turning on, you can do some troubleshooting to solve it. First, check the pencil tip to make sure it’s not loose. If it is, twist it to the right to secure it. If the problem continues likewise you might need to charge or restart your Pencil.

Type of Apple Pencil

Today, there are three types of Apple Pencils similarly each with its own features. Make sure you pick the right one based on the iPad models below.

Pencil Type
Pencil Types

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Conclusion to Apple Pencil

Whether you’re a pro artist or someone who enjoys doodling, the Apple Pencil is an essential accessory to have.

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