Exclusive Why Never Use Keyboard Cover for Your Mac

Do not use Mac keyboard cover

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Intro to Why Never Use Mac Keyboard Cover

In this post, we explore why using keyboard covers might not be ideal for protecting your valuable MacBook. While shielding against dust, liquid spills and wear seems a good idea but you must weigh the potential downsides of using a Mac keyboard cover.

Reason 1: Cause overheating with Mac Keyboard Cover

Apple designs MacBook models to allow heat dissipation through the gaps between the keyboard keycaps. As a result, you might notice a mild warmth on the keyboard during usage. Yet, when you apply a Mac keyboard cover, it effectively confines the heat within the device, similar to a greenhouse effect. This excessive heat retention can potentially lead to overheating hence increasing the risk of damage to vital components like the logic board and other hardware within your MacBook. To learn more about Mac overheating, click here.

Reason 2: It leaves marks on the screen with Mac Keyboard Cover

The marks on the screen appear to result from the keys rubbing against the anti-reflective coating on the display. Oils and dirt from the protector are transferred onto the screen. Furthermore, thick keyboard covers might hinder proper MacBook closure and in some cases, cause screen damage and cracking.

Mac Keyboard Cover cause stain on screen

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Reason 3: Traps unwanted moisture with Mac Keyboard Cover

Keyboard covers hold the potential to generate moisture on the underside of the keyboard cover thus leading to corrosion and keyboard damage. This moisture emerges due to the confinement of hot air from the logic board with the cover blocking its release and subsequently transforming into moisture.

Reason 4: Reduce tactile (sensitivity) with Mac Keyboard Cover

Apple invests a lot of effort into designing and engineering their hardware like the keyboard, but aftermarket accessories can sometimes unintentionally hinder their performance. A thicker Mac keyboard cover can reduce the keyboard’s responsiveness, which can affect your typing speed and overall typing experience.


We hope we have convinced you not to use keyboard covers anymore hence if you see any friends or family members using them, please advise them to remove them.

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