How to Unlock Your Mac When You Forgot Password

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macOS Forgot Password

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Intro How to Unlock Your Mac When You Forgot Password

Forgetting your Mac password can be a frustrating experience, but don’t worry – there are effective solutions to help you regain access to your computer. Whether it’s due to a momentary lapse of memory or simply a need to reset your password, this guide will walk you through the steps to unlock your Mac and get back to your work and activities in no time. Forgot Mac password? No worries!

Difference Between These Two Mac Login Password

Mac Firmware Password

Mac Firmware Password

A firmware password lock introduces an additional layer of security to a Mac hence you can set it in Recovery mode to prevent unauthorized users from initiating the Mac using any internal or external storage apart from the designated startup disk. This feature is specifically designed to protect the owner’s privacy by hindering attempts to start the Mac with external storage devices or through macOS Recovery.

If the firmware lock password slips your memory, you can approach a Mac repair specialist to unlock it. However, for assistance from an authorized service centre, you’ll need to provide proof of purchase.

To learn how to go to Recover mode, click here.

Mac OS Password

Mac OS Password

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The Mac user login password stands as a vital security feature hence safeguarding your personal data from unauthorized access. By controlling access to your Mac and its stored information as a result the login password plays an important role. Your files, applications and personal data remain accessible solely with the password in place, preventing unauthorized entry.

We’ve encountered a few cases where users forget their passwords. The first is when customers haven’t been using their Mac for a while while the second, the users who own multiple Mac devices might find the password slipping their mind.

Different versions of the macOS provide several methods to reset the user login password. What’s common among different OS versions is the ability to reset it using your Apple ID. Simply press the “Reset using Apple ID” option and your Mac will initiate a restart thus prompting you to connect to the internet. Once connected, enter your Apple ID and password and you’ll be able to reset the login password.

For more insights into Apple ID, you can click here.

But I Forgot My Apple ID, how?

Apple ID is your user name for the App Store, iTunes Store, Apple Books, iCloud and other Apple services. Typically, we will use our primary email address as the Apple ID. To check your Apple ID on your Mac, click the Apple logo at the top left corner, click on System Preferences and click on the Apple ID logo; there, you’ll find your Apple ID (email address). On your iPhone, go to Settings, tap on your name and your Apple ID will be shown.

Mac Computer Apple ID

MacOS System Preferences
Apple ID on macOS

iPhone Apple ID

iPhone Settings
Tap on Apple ID
Apple ID shown here

Reset Apple ID and Password

If you happen to forget your Apple ID or password, you can reset it here.

Once you have entered your Apple ID (email address), Apple will send you a reset link to the registered email address associated with the Apple ID. Then, you will be prompted to answer some Security Questions – the same questions you set during the Apple ID registration process.

No access to the email address associated with Apple ID

Go to the Apple ID account website and click “Forgot Apple ID or password?” From there, you can follow the onscreen instructions to recover your Apple ID without email access. If you are unable to recover your Apple ID using the above method, you can contact Apple Support for further assistance (Malaysia: 1800-80-6419, Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm).

Pro Tip 1

In the event that your Apple ID concludes with .iCloud or .me (for example [email protected] or [email protected]), it’s important to ensure you still can access these email addresses and know the email login password consequently it could lead to difficulties when trying to reset your Apple ID or password.

Pro Tip 2

Mac forgot password? Don’t forget your security questions! When you create an Apple ID, you’ll be asked to pick Security Questions and provide your own answers. We suggest writing down these questions and answers somewhere safe. This is important because when you need them to reset your Apple ID and Password later on, it can be quite challenging to remember those answers. This is especially true since you only set up your Apple ID once and that might have been many years ago.

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