Accidentally Damaged Your MacBook with Water? Take These Essential Steps Now!

MacBook spilled with water

Accidentally Damaged Your MacBook with Water?

If you accidentally damaged your MacBook with water please take these essential steps now immediately to minimize the damage. We’ll discuss immediate actions to take and things to avoid and acting swiftly is crucial if you want to save your device and prevent further harm.

Disconnect the charger immediately

This step will interrupt the power supply from the wall plug to your MacBook and effectively prevent further damage.

Shut down / power off immediately

In the case of a minor water spill, make sure to save any ongoing work and promptly shut down your MacBook. However, if the spill is severe, you should force shut down the Mac immediately by holding down the power button for five seconds. Alternatively, if the power button is unresponsive due to the spill, close the screen lid immediately to minimize potential damage.

MacBook Power On Off Button
Hold this button for five seconds to force shut down the MacBook.

Unplug all physically connected peripherals

Taking this action will prevent any potential short circuits or water damage to the physically connected peripherals.

Now let’s talk about what not to do to a water damaged MacBook.

Prevent water from sipping into the screen

Prevent water from the bottom casing from flowing down and staining the screen by ensuring the screen of your MacBook is always facing upwards.

Things that you should not do!

Do not put your wet MacBook with rice

Rice only absorbs water when heat is applied and rice grains are small and can easily become lodged in the fan vents or other components, potentially causing additional damage.

Do not use the hair dryer

The air from the dryer is typically not strong enough to blow the liquid off but instead, it may spread the liquid and push it deeper into the MacBook causing more damage.

Do not shake the MacBook

Shaking your MacBook will not be of much help and may actually cause more damage by spreading the water around.

Do not try to turn it back on and charge it

Water can facilitate the movement of electrical current among the components of your MacBook’s logic board and potentially lead to further damage through short circuits.

FAQ Water Damaged MacBook

Is it safe to hold and touch a water damaged MacBook

Yes, most of the time is fine and the chances of electric shock is very low.

Can I open the back casing and let it dry faster?

Yes if you have the appropriate tools to open the back casing of your MacBook. This will allow for better airflow and help the drying process. Websites like iFixit can provide helpful guides on how to open the back casing correctly.

Warning: Using the wrong tools can result in damage to the screws and components.

Does using a plastic keyboard cover help?

We strongly discourage MacBook Air and MacBook Pro users from using keyboard plastic covers because they can lead to screen staining. Moreover, these covers may cause the distribution of water to the vent holes or touchpad gaps, potentially causing further damage.

Keyboard plastic cover on top MacBook Pro keyboard

Can repair it later?

Delaying the process could lead to severe consequences, such as the growth of algae and corrosion, which may eventually result in a hole in the logic board.

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